You Can Play Saints Row Before It Officially Releases

Saints Row can be played before the game has even launched, and we're going to show you how.

Saints Row is coming back into our lives. Did anyone ask for it? No. But will it? Yes. Right on brand! And, in classic Saints Row fashion it has continued to confuse us with its trailers, demos, and various delays. Ultimately, though, the real test of this GTA-lite will be whether it delivers on launch day. As I wrote the other day, I am feeling a little skeptical about that particular prospect.

One of the biggest things to come out Summer Games Fest (that was a joke, there was much bigger and more interesting news than this) was that Saints Row will actually be playable before it even comes out. Well, sort of. We'll get into that in a sec. If you haven't checked out Summer Games Fest yet, though, there was a ton revealed. Make sure to check it out:

So Saints Row Will Be Playable?

In a way, you can already play Saints Row. How? Well, you just need to download a little game called "Saints Row Boss Factory" which is already out and is already fantastic. This is a pretty bizarre addition, but certainly a smart way to get people hyped. It will be legitimately interesting to see whether it works out for them. What is Boss Factory, though? Well, here's the trailer:

What is Saints Row Boss Factory?

Saints Row Boss Factory is a free app that allows you to use the full character creator that will be available in the new Saints Row game. These designs can be created and them will be able to be imported into the final game on any platform of your choice. What does that mean for us, though? Well, we can prepare our crazy character before the game's actual release.

The character creator in Saints Row has always been incredibly creative and that's no different here. In fact, one of our writers described the game as the Transgender, Non-Binary, Violent Open-World game we needed. It's a pretty cool thing that we have so much freedom in who we can be in this game, but it's also nothing ground-breaking, so let's not pretend.

Saints Row 2022 will finally come out on August 23, and you will be able to import any character you have created with this app into that game when it launches. Volition are also curating galleries of some of the best "Bosses" people make in the meanwhile. Cool, right?