Sega Announces Mega Drive Mini 2

We're getting a new Sega mini console. After Sega Mega Drive Mini came out in 2019 this will be the next must have for all retro fans. The publisher officially announced their next mini console: The Mega Drive Mini 2. It comes with 50 games. Take my money!
Sega Mega Drive Mini 2
The Sega Mega Drive Mini 2. | © SEGA

In 2019 we got the Sega Drive Mini with 42 games – now we will get 50 on the next mini console from Sega. Video Games Chronicle reported that during a Japanese live stream the console was announced.

How much will it cost? When is the release date? And which games are included? No worries, we got you.

Every Confirmed Game For The Sega Mega Drive Mini 2

Are you ready for some classics? These are all officially confirmed games for the next Sega mini console:

  • Slipheed
  • Shining Force CD
  • Sonic CD
  • Mansion of Hidden Souls
  • Popful Mail
  • Virtua Racing
  • Bonanza Bros
  • Shining in the Darkness
  • Thunder Force IV
  • Magical Taruruto
  • Fantasy Zone

Virtua Racing in action:

Sega Mega Drive Mini 2: Releasedate

The Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 will be released on October 27 in Japan. The Price should be around $90. The console itself is just so beautiful. We are looking forward to it already.

You can check out the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 on the official website of Sega. Just... make sure that you're fluent in Japanese.

We really do love the mini consoles, whether they are from Nintendo or Sega. There are so many hidden gems of games to discover. But if you're born after 2000 you probably just think what is going on here. Well... take a look at the big brothers of the mini versions. The originals: