SEGA's New Shooter Is Apex Legends Meets Tarkov

SEGA is looking to enter the looter-shooter fray with 'Hyenas', a game that is giving us both Apex, and Escape from Tarkov vibes. Here's what we know about the game.

Hyenas game shooter
I have some questions about this picture... | © Hyenas

So, Hyenas will be SEGA's latest attempt at a meaningful shooter, and if you think back on SEGAs shooter history, you'll notice that there isn't one. So... not sure if we have high hopes for this one or if we should be expecting fairly little, but from what little footage we got, Hyenas looks like a great shooter.

What Is SEGA's Hyenas?

Hyenas is a looter-shooter set on a spaceship - or rather a spaceship-megastore - and combines retro with a gameplay loop of robbbers vs robbers. The aim is to get away with the most loot and use the escape pod to do so. Between you and the loot are four opposing teams of three, each trying to do the same, as well as NPC on-ship security.

The game takes clear inspiration from Apex Legends and Escape from Tarkov, but is packaging it in a very original dressing. We love it, which is why we're sad to announce that not only does Hyenas not have a release date - the game also seems to be fairly far out from an announcement. Currently, the game is running on an alpha build with only six characters. The game is in development at Creative Assembly, who recently announced that they are working on an action game. It is unclear whether that game is Hyenas, but either way, the Total War and Alien: Isolation devs have serious chops, meaning Hyenas is in good hands.

If you don't mind the typical alpha bugs, you can sign up as an alpha-tester for the game right here, to help iron out some kinks. In the meantime, we'll be keeping an eye Hyenas, hoping it will not be too late to the party by the time it arrives.