Summoners War Chronicles: How To Get Gold Quickly

You are short of gold in Summoners War Chronicles? We show you how to get a lot of gold quickly!

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This guide is about the best ways to farm gold and experience for your monsters in Summoners War Chronicles. Gold is required for various tasks such as upgrading equipment, crafting, and more. In this game, gold can be earned through completing quests, selling items, AFKing, and other methods.

Summoners War Chronicles: How To Get Gold Quickly

In this game, players can use gold to enhance their characters and make progress in the game.How to get the desired progress and the longed-for gold we explain to you here!

Gold is the main currency used to upgrade equipment, runes, evolve monsters, and awaken them. There are various items, including weapons and accessories, which require gold to be upgraded. Gold is also needed for runes, which are a big part of the game.

To get gold, you can complete quests, including dailies, weekly challenges, and events like Monkey Bingo. The Path of Training is another way to earn gold by completing bonus stages. Playing through the story on different Summoners is another option. You can also sell items at the General Merchant, but this is not a very efficient method.

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It's important to manage gold properly as it's not easy to earn. Think about whether you want to upgrade a rune to +9, +12, or +15, for instance. Resource management is crucial in this game, and you need to make sure you spend your gold wisely.

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You can get gold by:

  • Monster stories: Players can earn 2 million gold by completing the "Mimick" monster story, which is unlocked in Chapter 5. To access this quest, players should go to the game's main menu and click on the "Guard Journal" icon, then select the "Monster Story" tab.
  • Profession: Investing gold in crafting professions can also be a lucrative way to make money. Specifically, players can use props in the processing section to craft outfits, which can be sold to NPCs for large amounts of gold. These props are limited to a certain amount of crafts per week, so it's important to craft and sell them weekly.
  • AFK farming: Summoners War: Chronicles allows players to earn gold through AFK farming. Repeat quests can be purchased with a specific currency called Rahil Orders. Players should aim to do repeat quests on the highest map possible to maximize rewards. If players run out of Rahil Orders, they can acquire more through Tower of Ascension, Area quests, Achievements, Crystals, and Events.
  • Exchange Center: The Exchange Center is Summoners War: Chronicles' version of a broker system. Players can sell items for Rahild, the game's currency, and then trade Rahild for Crystals, which can be exchanged for gold in the "Currency" tab of the game's shop.
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By utilizing these methods, players can accumulate gold quickly in Summoners War: Chronicles and progress further in the game.

These tips plus the particular passive income strategy that involves world bosses help to achieve a constant amount of gold. You can also farm monsters that appear in your book to unlock more rewards.

These creatures listed in your book that also can drop four-star heroic runes. You can locate them in the book and go directly to their location. They have a icon on them, and you can pick any of them to get the runes. When AFK farming, choosing a spot with one of these monsters ensures that you can easily vend these heroic runes.

Once you have a bunch of four-star heroic runes, you can go to a vendor and sell them for a good amount of gold. Just be careful when vending and make sure your filter is set for only four-star up to heroic. These runes should sell for roughly 25k per stack.

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When AFK farming, you can also get other items like faint magic essences that you can either sell on the exchange or use for crafting.

In terms of storage, you can keep your runes in your room storage, and consider selling some of your heroic five-star runes as well. Just make sure to check on your runes periodically to see if they're still sitting on the ground, as they do disappear after a while.

Tips & Tricks

One of the best ways to earn gold is to visit the Florence Village hot spring, which can be found on the map under movement points.

Here, you can create bath herbs that increase gold and experience. The blue herbs give a six percent increase to gold or experience, but you must choose one at a time. The buff lasts for three hours, and you can create a new herb every three hours and it provides a two percent increase in gold, but higher quality options offer more.

After selecting the option, you can exit the hot spring and activate the "hunting gold reward buff" for two hours, which increases gold by six percent. This buff helps us earn a lot of extra gold when we complete daily tasks and missions.

We can earn gold from various activities such as the curios, path of growth, and expeditions. We can refresh the expeditions once and complete them at least 50 times for maximum gold rewards. By doing this, we can earn millions of gold and greatly benefit our gameplay.

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  • The path of training is the best place to farm gold and experience. Do the bonus dungeon to earn the most gold. You can also farm gold in repeat quests and creature book farming. Lastly, selling unwanted runes from AFK farming can give you a substantial amount of gold.
  • Of course you can also sell materials of your profession: fluorite minerals. These minerals are in high demand for later professions, and you have excess of them, so you want to sell them. You are not looking for expensive prices; you just want to get rid of them. You put up items you are not using anymore on the exchange center auction house right away.
  • You could also farm chests in the open world. Chests drop items and gold, and you can also get gold and blue keys from glowing vases. These keys can be used to open chests that drop items and gold. However, these vases are not always available, as they have a cooldown period.

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  • Exchange Center: Some of the items that are hard to acquire, such as branches, bot mineral, eternal leaves, and kiwi, sell well in the exchange center. Branches are used in almost everything for Alchemy and processing, while four-leaf clovers, which are difficult to acquire, have a better chance of selling well since they are used for crafting outfits. Silver ore and gold are annoying to farm, but they sell for a good price.
  • To acquire gold, you can also focus on professions such as processing or blacksmithing and sell materials like silver ingots or lumber. It's important to keep in mind that the demand for these materials can vary depending on your server or market.
  • Arena: In addition to buying and selling items, you can also use gems for refreshing the arena, repeat quests, or summoning. Refreshing the arena allows you to earn more arena coins, which you can use to purchase items in the arena shop, such as devil mines or rainbow mines. Refreshing repeat quests gives you more dungeon entries, which can lead to more gold.
  • Another method of getting gold is to farm the path of growth tickets and do level 15 of the path of training to get bonus shards, Transcendence pieces, and gold all at once. The expedition, wind order, fire dungeons, and party dungeons in rupture also offer some gold rewards. Additionally, disassembling items obtained from these activities can provide more gold.

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