Summoners War Chronicles: Trial of Ascension | Explained

In Summoners War Chronicles you have many opportunities to improve and master exciting challenges! One of them is the Trial of Ascension.

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Let's talk about how you can progress correctly in the Tower of Ascension in Summoners War Chronicles and also get some free Scrolls.

The Trial of Ascension is an area in the game that can help to become stronger and find resources.

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It is only available to players who are done with the quests from the first world and come to Casslan - the kingdom which lies in the middle of all continents

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Summoners War Chronicles: Trial of Ascension | Explained

The tower is basically a series of levels that become progressively harder as players advance, with each floor consisting of two monster waves and in the last wave a boss is present.

To reach the top, players must complete each floor, but each floor has to be completed in a certain amount of time. Players are awarded prizes for completing floors, including Devilmons, Rainbowmon, and even summoning scrolls and stones.

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The Trial of Ascension resets approximately every month, erasing the player's progress in the tower. The order of floors is also rearranged with every reset, although players can expect to encounter the same monsters in the tower, but with varying levels of difficulty.

Additionally, there is a hard difficulty mode, which is just as long as the normal mode, but with much more difficult monsters to fight against. Both difficulties reset at the same time.

Firstly, there was a big update a week and a half ago where special rooms changed, and this will be a big deal for you.

Now, every 10 new floors that you complete with the Tower of Ascension, be it normal or hard, is going to be one full room special room that you can do.

You can now bang them out whenever you feel like it, but it does not go over cap, meaning if you go one to twenty, you're still only going to do one special room.

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Every 10 floors come you get a special level with extra rewards. The rewards you'll receive are one and a half Mystic Scrolls to three Mystic Scrolls per run, as well as some light and dark Scrolls and shards of the legendary roll piece.

You'll see that it costs 30 fragments to do a full pool, and normally, you'll only get three or four of each of the Shard things, but sometimes you'll get extras.

Also, the special room on the bottom also counts these buyers of Ascension over here, so if you go to the celestial Tower, and beat the 50 floors, there are three challenges you can do.

If you complete the challenge while doing that challenge, you'll get token of the guard, and if you complete the third challenge, you'll get Rahil metals.

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In order to become stronger and pass through the tower without any problems, there is one more thing you need to pay attention to: The Power of Ascension.

This power is not only related to your fight against the monsters in the tower! It does effect you outside.

You can win the needed tokens in the battles to improve your stats.

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The initial floor clear and each of the challenges count as four rooms for the special room down here, so this can really add up extra runs.

Summoners War Chronicles: Tips & Tricks

Here are our biggest tips and tricks for the tower:

  • After completing the story, you can use a free-to-play team consisting of Konomiya, Shannon, and a DPS of your choice to clear most of the normal Tower. For a more stable team, you can replace the DPS with a knight or warrior type unit. Along the way, you will encounter two extra reward rooms: the hidden gold Chambers and the special rooms.
  • The special room has a chance of dropping a legendary scroll, so be careful not to aggro all the monsters at once. Your typical comp should work well, but bring lots of AOE damage to clear it quickly.
  • The gold rooms have different styles, with treasure chests in all of them. Try to go for the treasure chest first as they give you good rewards.
  • Lynn, the light Amazon, can easily clear some of the boss stages with one to two bosses.
  • In the early game, it is better to ignore the shop and focus on Ascension powers, which give buffs to your Summoner and monsters.

And there you go - everything you need to know about the Trial of Ascension!

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