Summoners War Chronicles: How To Increase Combat Power Fast | Tips & Tricks

You play Summoners War Chronicles and have problems due to your lack of combat power? We show you what you can do about that.

Summoners War Combat
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In Summoners War Chronicles, some players might experience a plateau in their progress, where they are unable to clear dungeons, move up to the next floor, or defeat raid bosses even after playing for days or weeks.

To overcome this challenge, there are several things players can do to improve their overall account progression, Summoner progression, and monster progression.

Many people have asked how to increase their combat power and what options are available to do so, regardless of whether they are a hardcore paid player or free-to-play.

Summoners War Chronicles: How To Increase Combat Power Fast

It is affected by units, runes, skills, awakening, account effect, power of ascension, books, and unit quality. Natural three, four, and five-star units are recommended, such as Shannon, Kona, and the fire fairy. Runes play a big role in boosting up the original base stats.

While Shannon, Kona, and Fire Fairy are highly recommended for beginners, as you progress and obtain new units and resources to invest in, you must identify the units that provide the most value and focus on them.

Obtaining multiple copies of a unit can also increase its overall level and improve its stats.

If you are still looking for good equipment for your PC then have a look at this keyboard.

To see the breakdown of your power level, go to the Summoner page where you can see the details of your stand, equipment, skill level, account effect, and other small details.

As you level up and obtain better equipment, your power level will increase significantly.

Summoners War account page
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To begin with, there are two types of PVRs in the game: Summoner PVR and Monster PVR.

When combined, they contribute to your total power, but it's important to note that having strong monsters doesn't necessarily make you a strong champion.

Therefore, this guide will focus on how to increase your power as a Summoner and make your monsters more powerful.

One of the most obvious ways to increase your power is by getting and enchanting gear. The weapon you choose will determine your power level, but switching weapons doesn't mean you lose all power.

You can still get around 20-30% of the weapon's original statistics even when you switch to a different weapon.

That's why it's essential to rush to level 50 and 60 to acquire more equipment and increase your power.

Gear summoners war
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Enchanting your gear is equally important, and you should focus on the good statistics, preferably defensive statistics, at the start.

If you're a mage, it's not advisable to focus on defensive statistics, but if you're a tank, then focus on taking less damage.

When enhancing your skills, it is best to choose a skill that directly improves the stat of your Summoner or your monster, rather than a utility skill that doesn't greatly improve your stats.

For example, for Kina, a passive that increases the attack speed of your team's monster when your HP is above a certain ratio will greatly improve your power level.

Kina summoners war 2
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In the account skills section, you want to improve the skill that increases your monster's stats first.

It is not to say that you shouldn't increase your Summoner's stat, but if you want to maximize your power level early in the game, you should increase your monster's stat first.

To improve your power level, go to your Monster Box and increase the level of every five-star monster that you don't use
, from level 1 to level 50.

You can do the same for three-star and four-star monsters. Five-star monsters will give you the most experience for your account, so leveling them up will improve your account skill.

Another way to improve your power level is to obtain better equipment.

After finishing the main story and obtaining your purple set of equipment, go straight into the Foggy and try to get a party to start doing the Foggy Prison for legendary equipment.

Better equi summoners war
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Improving the power of Ascension in your trial Ascension can also help improve your power level. This will be like the passive stand you can get.

You can farm the currency by doing the power of Ascension and the Spire of Ascension. The most important one to improve first to get the most power level will be your monster's Summon Power, followed by the Immortal Power, which will improve your Summoner's stat and give you more power level.

Trial of a summoners war
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Outfits can also give you permanent stats without having to equip them. You just have to finish crafting the set. Start with the blue outfit because they are much easier to get.

To get magic cores, you can let your account farm when you have nothing else to do in the game. As you progress, you can start farming gear and create gear because professions are significant in the game.

Outfit summoners war
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Blacksmithing is one profession that's essential for getting your main weapons, and the top weapons are five-star. To get the best weapons, you'll need to farm and craft them yourself.

It's important to note that you should not waste too much of your resources on enchanting gear above plus nine.

In summary, focus on getting and enchanting gear, building your monsters, and understanding the profession's importance in the game.

General Tips & Tricks

For account progression, players can increase the amount of experience and gold they are getting by going to the Florence Hot Springs and using rare resources with blue borders to get a maximum of a 6% experience bonus or gold while farming.

They can also complete the main quest and Blue Area quests all over again with their other Summoners to reap the same rewards they received the first time, such as Scrolls, legendary Scrolls, light dark Scrolls, gold Breath of Life, and many more.

For Summoner progression, players can increase their entire account level by leveling up unused monsters, such as two, three, and even four-star monsters, all the way to their first evolution, which will give them more skill points towards that account skill tree.

Account lvl summoners war
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They can also work their way up the Spire of Ascension and complete the three challenges for each floor to earn currencies and ascend their monsters.

Tips to further increase team power include upgrading the immemorial and summon power trees in the Tower of Ascension upgrade tree, using all skill books on the main character to increase skill points, focusing on the monster section of the account skill tree, and applying rune galaxy stones and books to the best runes available.

Players can acquire materials for these upgrades by playing through various challenges and completing daily tasks.

Trial of a summoners war 2
Summoners War Chronicles: Special Room with special rewards | © Com2uS

For monster progression, players can focus on blue summon powers, which give base stats towards their monsters, and spread their skill points out accordingly. Team power is crucial for success in clearing content, running raids, and performing well in the Arena.

To increase team power, players should focus on leveling up their monsters to level 70, awakening them to level 15, fully skilling them up, and using the best runes available. They should also equip high rarity Summoner equipment and raid gear.

I am focusing on ones that are useful in multiple content areas. I started with three-star monsters and moved on to four and five stars once I had enough materials.

Team summoners war
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I advise against working on too many monsters in the beginning as it can deplete your resources quickly.

You can go to the special room every ten floors or challenges they clear to earn additional rewards in the towers.

The first tip is to summon unknown scrolls to increase the account's stats, just like in the Summoner's War arena.

The net one, net two, and net three monsters increase the account's stats, while net four and net five increase individual monsters' stats.

Aspires of Ascension is another way to increase the account's stats by upgrading the attack power of the entire account through the celestial and the lighter blue floor.

Each level has three challenges, and you need to complete it four times to collect the scores.

Challanges summoners war
Summoners War Chronicles: Daily Challanges | © Com2uS

The first few floors are easy, and you can get a thousand to two thousand power scores very quickly.

The most powerful thing in the game right now might be the actual events.

If players purchase the Summoner pass to get the bonus times two, they can take advantage of the events even more.

It is recommended for players to save their Path of Growth and Kairos tickets, because when a monster reaches book level 14, it gains 20-30k power.

To get the book effect on other monsters, players need to use their blessings and summons every month to reset the book level.

The most common question players have is where to get coins because upgrading runes, professions, and Summoner equipment requires coins.

The Path of Growth event gives 15K coins per run.

It is important to always log in to do expeditions.

Expedition summoners war
Summoners War Chronicles: Expedition | © Com2uS

You get 40 free runs to do these expeditions, and in addition to that, there are regular expeditions that you can complete to obtain skill research log pieces or research log books.

It is important not to miss out on these opportunities as they provide a lot of value and can improve your enjoyment of the game.

If you want to obtain good runes in the game, it's recommended to focus on getting three-star runes first and putting the best statistics on each hero.

It's not recommended to upgrade three-star runes beyond +12, as they will be replaced quickly.

Instead, reserve +12 and +15 upgrades for four-star runes or higher.

To obtain more statistics for your account, level up your monster book by killing monsters and collecting shards.

As you level up your book, you'll gain free statistics for your account.

Book summoners war
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Use your summons whenever possible to obtain more monster pieces and upgrade your monsters' skills.

Finally, if you have extra shards, it's recommended to exchange them for breath of life in the three-piece exchange section.

I really hope that this could help you and that you will get a big progress for your combat power by playing constantly.

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