Summoners War Chronicles: You CANNOT Miss This Event | Nat 5 Bastet

Would you like to have a good nat 5 in Summoners War Chronicles? Then do not miss this event!

Bastet summoners war
Summoners War Chronicles: You CANNOT Miss This Event - Nat 5 Bastet | © Com2uS

The new event has just started! It's a fantastic way to get yourself a solid Nat 5, and you don't even need to grind that hard. Let's get into the details.

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Summoners War Chronicles: Nat 5 Bastet Event

The new event lasts for two weeks. You have to complete various tasks to earn "Trowels", and with six "Trowels" you can open "Shells". You get a guaranteed Nat 5 Desert Queen (a Bastet) in one of the first 21 Shells you open.

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If you don't have a lot of time, just got to the first level of any dungeon, which you can clear in a few seconds, bring a lot of AOE damage, and you'll wipe through this event easily. But the best way to obtain Trowels, for the more serious grinders, is via the Path of Adventure.

Bastet 1 summoners war
Summoners War Chronicles: Event Nat 5 Bastet - collect these Shells. | © Com2uS

This event will be even easier with the Sonya pass, because both Path of Growth and Essence dungeon rewards will be doubled.

Bastet 2 summoners war
Summoners War Chronicles: Event Items to open shells - collect trowels | © Com2uS

Keep in mind that if you max out a set of Bastet pieces during this event, you can exchange them for other pieces, such as Valkyria pieces, at the Exchange.

If you get the full 20 pieces earlier than the last pick, you should reset it because this is by far the most efficient way to do it. Whenever you get the full Bastet piece, no other rewards matter.

Bastet 3 summoners war
Summoners War Chronicles: Rewards for the Nat 5 Bastet Event. | © Com2uS

During this event, it doesn't matter how many crystals you have unless you're super low, you should not save them, and you should refresh all of your refreshes for both Essence dungeon and Path of Growth fully.

So, do not sleep on this event. The Bastet is super strong, and you will not regret it collecting it.

In addition, there are other smaller events that you should pick up from time to time along the way. The smaller events are the daily login event, where you have two weeks to get all seven levels, which is super easy if you just play the game regularly.

The powering up event requires you to power up five units to level 35, which is also easy since level five units or 35 units don't require that many follow-ups. You'll need 60 tier two potions, and you're done with the event.

The bingo event gives you leaves every time you complete a code, and since you'll be doing that regularly, you should be able to complete it no problem. You might need to do a few refreshes, but if you have a lot of tickets saved up, you can use them to not overuse the crystals you have.

Have fun with the events!

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