Summoners War Chronicles: Rune Guide

Are you irritated in Summoners War Chronicles by all the runes, the large selection and their different effects? We'll help you with our guide!

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Runes are a crucial element in Summoners War Chronicles that can greatly improve a monster's power (PWR) and help you win fights. These runes are like equipment for monsters, providing additional stats and bonuses to enhance their effectiveness in battle.

However, not all runes are created equal, and it can be challenging to choose the right ones for your monsters.

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Learn how to properly give runes to your monsters in Summoners War Chronicles by following these tips.

Summoners War Chronicles: Rune Guide

In Summoners War Chronicles, runes are an essential aspect of gameplay as they provide additional stats and effects to monsters. There are six types of runes in the game, each with different effects and stat bonuses. These types are Energy, Fatal, Blade, Swift, Focus, and Guard.

When managing runes, it is important to look for specific sub-stats that will complement the monster's abilities. For example, a monster that is meant to be a tank should have runes with sub-stats that increase HP, Defense, and Resistance.

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On the other hand, a monster that is meant to be a damage dealer should have runes with sub-stats that increase Attack, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage.It is also important to consider the quality of runes, which are categorized into Normal, Magic, Rare, Hero, and Legend. As a general rule, players should aim for runes with higher quality, as these provide better stat bonuses and sub-stats. Additionally, players should try to obtain runes that have at least three perfect sub-stats.

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First, prioritize your main stat and aim to boost your two best stats as high as possible. Additionally, critical rate is crucial for damage dealers. Remember to apply effect Stones to enchant your runes, and don't overlook flat stats as they can sometimes be more beneficial than percentages. When farming runes, aim to reach at least Stage 14, as it's the first stage where Legend runes drop. It's also important to consider your monster's element attributes and to understand certain stats, such as accuracy, resistance, precision, evasion, and attack speed. Different monsters require different runes, so be sure to check their skill tooltips to figure out their best runes.

  • Obtain runes through Area Dungeons, Path of Adventure, and reward packs.
  • Enhance runes using Rune Enchantment Stones obtained through disassembling unused runes or in various locations such as Main Mission Story, Party Dungeon (Rupture), Profession Crafting (Level 5 Processing), and Field Creatures.
  • Equip your monsters with runes that have a set effect to maximize their potential. The set effects vary and require two to four types of runes that grant additional bonuses to your monsters. Some examples of these set effects include Energy (Max HP +15%), Guard (DEF +15%), Blade (CRIT Rate +12%), Rage (CRIT DMG +40%), Fatal (ATK +35%), Swift (ATK SPD +25%), Focus (ACC Rate +15%), Endure (RES Rate +15%), Foresight (Evasion Rate +15%), Assemble (Precision Rate +15%), Despair (17% Chance of Stun with Skill Hit), and Vampire (Drain +25%).
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Knowing which rune sets to use on each of your monsters is crucial in building a formidable monster party. For instance, equipping a monster with four Rage runes can significantly boost its critical damage by 40%.
For example: When building attackers, it's best to start with a Fatal Blade build, and if that's not possible, go for Fatal and Broken or any other set you can complete. After that, you can move on to a critical damage build, and when you hit 100% critical rate, build a Rage Blade set.

To manage runes effectively, players should first select all the purple Hero runes and view only the unequipped ones. This will make it easier to optimize the runes on monsters later. When going through the sets of runes, it is best to do so one set at a time, as it allows the player to focus on specific sub-stats and requirements for that particular set.

Players should also consider locking runes that they want to keep. This prevents accidental selling of runes, making it easier to manage the inventory. When selling runes, players should prioritize runes with undesirable main stats or sub-stats. For instance, a rune with Crit Damage main stat but no Crit Rate sub-stat is not ideal and should be sold.

In conclusion, managing runes in Summoners War Chronicles is crucial to building strong monsters. Players should prioritize runes with desirable main stats and sub-stats, as well as higher quality. By selecting, optimizing, and locking runes, players can effectively manage their inventory and improve their monsters' performance in battle.

Tips & Tricks

Let's discuss what tricks are there for runes! We are trying to show you which runes to keep, which to sell for gold, and which ones will give you the most CP.

First off, let us tell you how you can earn some gold by selling your unused runes.

  • Disassembling runes will give you some stones, which you can sell to the General Merchant for gold.
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Now, when it comes to using runes, you need to make sure you're putting them on the right champions. For instance, Konomiya's heal is based on his HP, so you want to give him a lot of HP. Energy set with HP set bonuses would be beneficial for him.

As for Sige, her main goal is to deal damage and land debuffs. Focus set works well on her as it increases accuracy and helps her land debuffs.

Naomi is best suited for a rage and blade set to hit high crit damage. Her passive increases her crit rate based on debuffs on the enemy, so aim for a 40-60% crit rate.

Karambit's main strength is attack speed, so give him attack speed, crit rate, crit damage, and evasion.

As for Taylor, he's difficult to ruin as he needs everything- HP, attack, defense, crit rate, crit damage, and attack speed. Slot 2 should have percentage stats or attack speed for characters with s1s that matter. Slot 4 should have crit rate or crit damage as the main stat, and you should always check the substats.

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  • In order to create a strong and effective monster, it's important to consider which runes to level up and when.
  • For beginners, it's best to complete the set of one-star runes without leveling them up, and only level up two-star runes to +3 if necessary. Three-star runes can be leveled up to +6, and four-star runes (if not purple) should only be leveled up to +9. Once you start getting purple four-star runes with good sub-stats, you can turn them into a +12.
  • However, you should be mindful of sky stones, as they are scarce.
  • When you start getting five-star runes, stats become more important than sets, and you should prioritize crit rate for damage dealers. For example, for a monster like Lynn, it's best to use a Rage Blade set with crit rate and crit damage. You should aim to get the four-set first and then focus on attack percent, crit rate, and crit damage for the remaining slots. Overall, it's important to carefully consider sub-stats and prioritize the ones that are most beneficial for your monster.
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Therefore an important thing in the game is Alchemy. You can learn crafting, succession, combination, and disassemble.

Succession and combination are new features, and many users may not know about them. Rune crafting was originally in the profession category but has been separated.

  • You can create runes five times a week by selecting each rune type grade and rarity.

Succession allows you to transfer the effect stone and spell book from a 5 or 6-star rune that has been enhanced to 15 in the 6-star legendary rune. Through succession, you can increase the reinforcement of 6-star runes to some extent.

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Combining three 5-star legendary runes has a certain probability of getting a great success, and you can get a rune that goes up one level. If the set of balloons used in combination is the same, the same set will come out. The search conditions for loon disassembly have become a little more detailed.

As new difficulty level dungeons came out, the value of existing runes dropped significantly. Therefore, it is recommended to save your master effect stones and magic books. The difference in performance between 6-star runes and 5-star runes is significant. If you want to enhance your 6-star runes to 15, you will need lots of enhancement stones, sky stones, and gold. The cost of making just a 5-star runes is also high. Getting sky stones can be challenging.

The runes you use for a unit depend on the skills and scaling of the unit, as well as the usability you're going for. For example, if a unit's primary purpose is not to deal damage but to heal, then you should focus on the defense scaling, since their heal and third skill are also based on defense.

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