Thank God! Suicide Squad Heavily Delayed Again

Suicide Squad was supposed to come out in May. Now, it was hit by another massive delay after tons of negative feedback on the game.

Suicide squad delayed
It's not looking good for the Suicide Squad... | © WB Games

Rocksteady are not having an easy time with Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Their much-anticipated follow-up to 2015’s Batman Arkham Knight (yes, it’s been that long already) has been delayed time and again, and when it was showcased in February, the internet was flooded with negative comments.

This results in another huge delay for the game, which now seems almost doomed to fail.

Suicide Squad Delayed To 2024

The official Twitter account announced, that the game has been delayed by a whopping nine months, with a new release date set for February 2, 2024. Yes, it’s not even coming out this year anymore. The announcement thanks fans for their patience and promises, that this delay will guarantee “the best quality experience for players.”

A delay this big leads to all kinds of speculation about the reason for such a drastic move. The one who seems to have the inside scoop here is Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, who previously broke the news of a delay, before it was made official. According to him, this decision has been made “to polish the game, not change it”.

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Considering that Suicide Squad’s emphasis on Games-as-a-Service-elements, like a shop, battle pass, online requirements and more, attracted so much hate on the internet, there was some hope that this big delay would be used to change some of these controversial elements. This doesn’t seem to be the case though.

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At least there wasn't excessive negativity or hate towards this decision. Most replies under the tweet are positive, encouraging the devs to take their time. And who knows, maybe a delay can be used to both improve the game and convince those who have been swayed by some of the negative early leaks.

Suicide Squad seems to be so cursed, which is a huge shame considering that Rocksteady had an incredible run with the Batman: Arkham games. Now it will have been nine (!) years until their next game arrives… “assuming it hits February”, as Schreier puts it.

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