First Look at The Elder Scrolls 6 Graphics? Spoiler: It's Stunning!

The Elder Scrolls 6 is shaping up to be the most anticipated game, since that '2077' game we no longer talk about. Now we might have just gotten a glimpse at what The Elder Scrolls VI could look like – thanks to an Unreal Engine 4 Concept.

Regular readers already know we don't like long intros, so let's get you something worthwhile off the bat: Our Elder Scrolls 6 full-court press.

Ok. Now feast your eyes on this video below. Watch it. Seriously. Trust us.

Yup and colleagues are still wondering why I keep a pack of tissues on my desk at work. Are you kidding me? You're seeing this!?

This masterpiece was realized by YouTuber Perfect Vision. He used locations from Quixel's "Medieval Game Environment" template and their so-called "photogrammetry" textures and rendered it all in 8K on Unreal Engine 4. Now, this begs one headline-worthy question:

Will The Elder Scrolls 6 Use the Same Engine as Skyrim?

We don't know, but we think it's unlikely. Still, if you look at what modders have been able to achieve on Skyrim with modding, then using the same engine wouldn't necessarily spell doom:

We likey. We also wouldn't mind. Still, while above isn't bad—not at all—there are limits to how much you can mask a game that was originally released in 2011.

How Good Will The Elder Scrolls 6 Graphics Be?

Of course, the video at the top is an 8K concept, which will prove tricky on 8K consoles. It might be feasible on PC, but even then... who's got the money for an 8K powerhouse?

If you want our educated guess, then we can expect Elder Scrolls 6 to look at least as good as Crimson Desert. Why do we reach this conclusion? Well, for one Crimson Desert is releasing much sooner than Elder Scrolls 6. For another, Crimson Desert has MMORPG elements and a much smaller budget. With all that Microsoft and Bethesda money, we bet Elder Scrolls VI will surpass its RPG peers visually. Not sure what Crimson Desert looks like? Time for a third video and a link:

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