The Last of Us: Easter Egg Teases Next Naughty Dog Game

Internet detectives have found an easter egg hidden in The Last of Us: Part 1, which could be a secret teaser for Naughty Dog's next game.

Fans have found a potential teaser for the next Naughty Dog game inside The Last of Us: Part 1. | © Sony

Today, the focus is on the "naughty" part of Naughty Dog. The legendary development studio has recently released The Last of Us Part 1, the very impressive remake of the PlayStation 3 classic. Fans have been pouring over the game and the many new details that have been added to it, and they have come up with some really juicy findings. One user found a very interesting little detail that has been added to the remake and which looks like a teaser for the next Naughty Dog game.

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Naughty Dog's Next Game Potentially Teased In TLOU Part 1

This teaser was first revealed on Twitter by users @IliaAkhavan and @NaughtyNDC. They have uncovered new images inside the game, which look like concept art for a fantasy game. Now, I know that everything in Part 1 is new, compared to the original, and that this could be random. But this is actually not the first time these artworks have popped up before.

Similar artwork was spotted in The Last of Us Part 2, and former Concept Artist Aaron Limonock shared very similar fantasy-style artworks before. It is very unlikely that this is just a coincidence. It reads as an intentional move by Naughty Dog, to give fans a little teaser of what they can expect in the future.

Of course, this remains speculation until Naughty Dog officially says something. We have heard rumors of Naughty Dog making a fantasy game before, but those still remain rumors. So take it with a grain of salt for now, even if it seems suspicious that we keep seeing these hints. A PlayStation Showcase will very like be held soon, maybe we will see a first announcement by Naughty Dog there.

If you want to play The Last of Us Part 1 but don't have a PS5 yet, then we got good news for you: