The Last of Us For PC: Latest Trailer Highlights New Game Features

The Last of Us for PC is getting several new features, as recently announced in the most recent trailer. Fans are excited because these new features will make the game even more stunning.

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Latest The Last of Us PC trailer reveals new features. | © Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Remastered is coming to PC soon, and fans can't wait to finally be able to follow Joe and Ellie on their journey and experience this amazing game on another platform. In their latest trailer, PlayStation has revealed a couple of new features that fans can get excited for. Here is what they have revealed:

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The Last of Us For PC: New Features Revealed

Exciting news for gamers and fans of The Last of Us franchise! The highly anticipated release of The Last of Us Part I on PC is set for March 28, 2023. In preparation for its release, some of the game's features have been unveiled, promising an even more immersive gaming experience.

One of the most exciting features for hardcore gamers is the inclusion of Speedrun and Permadeath modes. The Speedrun mode allows players to compete for the fastest completion time, while the Permadeath mode raises the stakes by forcing players to restart the game from the beginning if they die. These modes add a whole new level of challenge to the already engaging storyline, and fans are super hyped about it.

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Another feature that has been confirmed is the unlocked framerate, which means that players with powerful enough hardware can enjoy the game at higher framerates than the original console version. This feature promises to make the graphics even more impressive, and giving us a more fluid gameplay experience. In addition, AMD FSR 2 support has also been added, allowing for increased performance on AMD graphics cards.

Other exciting features include ultra-wide screen support, customizable controls, and improved graphics settings. Overall, the addition of these features promises to make The Last of Us Part I on PC an even more compelling experience for gamers. The Last of Us Part I is sure to be a hit on PC. We all can't wait to play it, whether it's for the first, the second or 10th time.

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