The Lost Wild: Release Date, News & Leaks

Publisher Annapurna Interactive announced its new horror survival game The Lost Wild, in which you have to survive in a world full of realistic AI-controlled dinosaurs. Here are all the news, leaks and details about The Lost Wild.

The Lost Wild
Horror-survival dino fans! | © Annapurna Interactive

Publisher Annapurna Interactive, who only recently celebrated a big success with Stray, announced its new horror dinosaur survival game The Lost Wild.

The Lost Wild is an immersive and cinematic dinosaur game that captures the awe and terror of nature's most magnificent animals. You'll encounter dinosaurs that, thanks to new AI approaches, behave like wild animals and not like monsters.

So far, only a few details about The Lost Wild are known. Many people don't even know that the game exists, but we want to change that. So get ready to learn more about the new dino-survival game, its release date and story details.

The Lost Wild Release Date

Annapurna Interactive have not yet announced an official release date for The Lost Wild. The game was first announced last October with a pre-alpha trailer. However, according to the game's FAQ, The Lost Wild will not be released before late 2024, early 2025.

The Lost Wild Platforms

It has been confirmed that The Lost Wild will be released for the PC via Steam, Epic Games and Later, console versions will follow – however, it is not yet known which platforms it will be ported to.

Game Setting, Story, And Everything We Know About The Lost Wild

The Lost Wild Release
Thrill in a world full of dinosaurs. | © Annapurna Interactive

As mentioned above, The Lost Wild is a first-person survival horror game set in the world of dinosaurs. The video game is being created by a development studio called Great Ape Games, based on the Unreal Engine.

The plot centers on a reporter named Saskia who is guided by a mysterious voice over the radio to explore abandoned Japanese facilities located in an island forest teeming with the prehistoric animals. These dinosaurs are highly intelligent and behave realistically like animals, with behavior that Great Ape describes as self-preservation instinct and reactive, systemic AI.

So, your survival depends on learning to study the animals and anticipate the dangers. With the help of the mysterious voice, you'll make your way through the facilities, putting together the pieces of the story of how you ended up on the island.

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To do this, you need to explore the wilderness, stay alert and dodge. If all else fails, run or try to intimidate the dinosaurs with non-lethal weapons, which can lead to an intense cat-and-mouse game. Players can camouflage themselves to avoid detection while exploring, create distractions or fight off dinosaurs with items such as torches and makeshift weapons.

Similar to Stray, there will only be a solo campaign with a length of six to ten hours.

The Lost Wild Trailer

Annapurna Interactive have already released an official trailer for The Lost Wild. The 1-minute trailer gives a glimpse of the world that will await us in the survival game. We see not only the first gameplay, but also the first dinosaurs and how they behave in nature. But see for yourself:

As soon as we have more information about The Lost Wild, we will update this article immediately.