The Pathless on PS5 Review

The pathless im test review
You shouldn't miss the action-adventure game, The Pathless! (Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive)

Slowly but surely, PlayStation 5 is making its way into homes across the globe as the next generation of console gaming begins. While the whole world is looking forward to Demon's Souls or Spider-Man, the indie game, The Pathless, turns out to be a great surprise among the PS5 titles. So today we take a look at The Pathless review.

The picturesque action-adventure The Pathless is the surprise hit among the PS5 launch titles. In our review, we tell you why you shouldn't miss this beautiful game.

The Pathless: A Wonderful Adventure

Of course, the comparatively small indie game The Pathless from Giant Squid Studios can't quite keep up with the big-name titles. But, the action-adventure game has its own fantastic qualities. If a thrilling story and a thick atmosphere are more important to you than fancy graphics, then this game is for you. That being said, it still looks like a moving piece of art!

Creative Director Matt Nava has already worked on the indie hits Flower and Journey, so this already gives us a first impression of where The Pathless is heading.

The Pathless is not an exclusive PS5 title as it is also available digitally for PlayStation 4, PC, and even iOS devices. A physical copy of the game for PlayStation 5 will come on December 8.

The game's story follows a nameless huntress who, together with her eagle companion, must stop a curse that threatens the entire world. The burning fortress of the so-called God-killer hovers over the once peaceful island and lays the foundation for a captivating adventure.

An Immersive Magical Gameplay

From the very first minute of play, The Pathless will magically captivate you with its mystical and incredibly designed landscapes. The design of this open-world game and its colorful stylistic animation makes for an action-adventure title that almost seem like a fairy tale you get to play through.

In combination with the storytelling and a great soundtrack, the game is guaranteed to hook you fast. Especially since the developers have succeeded in creating a world full of suspense and mystery. A mystery you will not put down until you solve it.

In the beginning, The Pathless will carefully familiarize you with its game mechanics. In the first few hours of the game, you will explore the misty island without any contact with any enemies and race through the picturesque meadows and forests at breakneck speed.

Indeed, momentum is an important mechanic in the game. You will soon realize that the title is not designed to be explored on foot. If you shoot at the talismans with your bow, your bar fills up, which increases your movement speed significantly. Here you can feel parallels to the developer's previous game Flower, which had a similar flow when moving around.

Another possible nod should be given to the makers of the games Ico, The Last Guardian, and Shadow of The Colossus which also paired you with an animal companion. Honestly, when I first saw this game, I thought it was made by Team Ico and not Annapurna Interactive. Therefore, The Pathless takes this queue and pairs you up with a steadfast, never wavering, Eagle. Oh, and yes you can even fucking pet it! POGGERS in chat anyone?

The pathless adler
Eagle and Hunter are one! (Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive)

Eagle Eyes: The Gameplay of The Pathless

A big focus of The Pathless is the exploration of the beautiful world. This is also where your feathered companion comes into play, with the help of its claws, you can jet through the air. But the companion has other qualities too and proves to be useful in the numerous puzzles or encounters you have on your adventure.

Similar to Assassin's Creed Valhalla or the cult classic Journey, the game world of The Pathless also offers countless mysteries and secrets. At its center a combination of boss fights and puzzle-solving.

Throughout the adventure, you will explore vast ruins, dense forests, and ancient fortresses that have secrets to be uncovered. Especially since you can switch between the world of the living and the dead at the touch of a button, which is essential to complete some puzzles in the game.

The main task is to purify the world, which is divided into five regions, from corruption. To do this, you will need to use artifacts to heal large towers. If you manage to do this in one area, you can face one of the massive bosses in a spectacular battle.

A Constant Danger Looms

The Pathless actually visualizes the constant threat of the bosses as a huge cloud of fire that moves through the land where the bosses hide within it. If you get too close to the cloud it will chase and your journey will end, so you must be on constant guard.

This adds extra excitement to the otherwise pleasantly peaceful game design of The Pathless, but can also be annoying at times. Especially if you were just about to solve one of the longer puzzles.

The pathless bossfight
A fire boss in The Pathless - there's walways a fire boss! (Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive)

Verdict on The Pathless

Take a pinch of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, mix it with a good portion of Flower and Journey and you get The Pathless - perhaps the biggest surprise hit on the PlayStation 5 so far. Oh, and maybe add a dash of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild for its open-world vibes.

The huntress and her eagle companion take you through an exploration of a mystical world awaiting your discovery.

The Pathless has epic boss battles, puzzles, exploration, and subtle storytelling. In combination with the excellent soundtracks, stylistic graphics, it's a game you should not miss.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.