Confirmed: Classic, Violent Franchise Making a PS5 Comeback

Lucid Games, the developers behind Destruction All-Stars, are set to work on a new Twisted Metal game. Details and a possible release date below.
Twisted metal destruction all stars devs
Twisted Metal + Destruction All-Stars devs = match made in... hell, I guess. But that's a good thing. | © Twisted Metal

So we reported on this a while ago, but it's now confirmed: Lucid Games, the developers behind Destruction All-Stars, are working on a Twisted Metal game for the newest generation of consoles and gamers. This is perfect because, you know, Twisted Metal really wears its name on its sleeve: It's about wrecking cars, aka twisting metal. Meanwhile, Destruction All-Stars, has exactly the same mission: Destruction. The only difference between the two is that Twisted Metal is not just twisted in its metal-bending, but also pretty f*cked up as a game: While Destruction All-Stars has cute cartoon-y influencer-type characters, Twisted Metal has... you know... serial killers and people who torture for fun...

What We Know About the New Twisted Metal

First things first, the whole news comes our way via VGC, who claim that PlayStation has directly tasked Lucid Games with bringing back Twisted Metal. Their sources also claim that the game is still in early development. Outside of that, we know this:

Will Twisted Metal Be Free to Play?

Yes. Supposedly, the devs are looking at releasing this game free-to-play. Naturally, Lucid Games learned from Destruction All-Stars: In a move, that was baffling to me, they originally wanted to release that game for $70. They then launched the game on PS Plus, before releasing it for $20. Unsurprisingly, a game that's about nothing but destroying cars and has as much depth as a fish-bowl, flopped. The game had no story, no substance, but it was pretty and felt good to play. In fact, this is the perfect foundation to remake Twisted Metal, since that franchise actually has characters and a story. Still, a price tag is a tall ask these days, so free-to-play is definitely the way to go.

New Twisted Metal Release Date

There is no release date yet, and the game is in early development, but we do have one indicator: There is a Twisted Metal Live-Action TV show in the works (starring your future Captain America, Anthony Mackie), and that show is set for a 2023 release date. It would make a lot of sense for Lucid Games to time the release of the Twisted Metal game with the release of said TV show in 2023.

If you wanna know more about Twisted Metal, we do go over it in our daily gaming news wrap-up, amongst other things, and also show some gameplay, so go ahead and enjoy that (yes, I said enjoy that):

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