Developer Finally Opens Up About Vampire Survivors Sequel

After a lot of rumors about a possible Vampire Survivors sequel went viral, the developer finally opened up and told u, what we can expect from the future.

Vampire survivors title
Vampire Survivors 2? The developer finally opens up about a possible sequel. | © Poncle

Vampire Survivors was a huge success in the last year. Even though it is everything else but a AAA game, it has surprised and captured vast amounts of players and many were quickly drawn into the thrill of the rogue-like shoot 'em up video game, because it is so very addictive. Due to the big hype, everyone is curious if we might get a sequel to the first game, and now the developer has finally given us an answer.

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Will There be Vampire Survivors 2?

Vampire Survivors is a simple game, which can easily be modified and enhanced by the developer. Through the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC, Poncle has added a whole new stage, new characters, monsters and weapons. As for now, this is the only DLC for the game, but according to Poncle, there is more to come.

Unfortunately, everyone who was looking forward to a whole new sequel has to be disappointed. The developer Luca Galante has recently shared in an interview with Gamespot, that a sequel seems unlikely, due to the way that Vampire Survivors is designed. They would rather continue to release DLC for the game. At least as long as they're not adding anything radically new.

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Galante has also teased that they are currently working on other projects that are "not exclusively related to Vampire Survivors". Maybe he is teasing an entirely new game related to Vampire Survivors, but that's just a grain of salt.

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