Ghost of Tsushima, But Better: Where Winds Meet

Where Winds Meet is an upcoming open-world game that brings the open-world experience to China. Here's what we know.

Where winds meet game trailer tsushima
I love it already. | © Where Winds Meet

Ghost of Tsushima was easily my game of the year when it was released, and from the single-player to the multiplayer, I couldn't get enough of the game. So, imagine my happiness when I found out that, aside from Ghost of Tsushima 2, I now have another open-world East Asian swordsman simulator on my hands: Where Winds Meet is Ghost of Tsushima in China, and we're loving it.

Where Winds Meet: Gameplay Reveal Trailer

The developers, Everston Studios reveaked that Where Winds Meet is mainly all about absolute freedom. The open-world in this game will be more explorable than most and feature a job-system, and allows you to specialize in a "variety of identities and occupations that exist in an Oriental martial arts society."

One of the more impressive features of the game is that players can actually become ill: Sneak around in the rain too much, and the cold will get you. Luckily, though, one of the jobs you can learn has you acquiring medicinal skills to heal yourself, NPCs, and players online, because... yes, When Winds Meets has an online mode too.

Other than becoming a doctor, players can choose other occupations. For example, they can become an orator who uses the power of words to convince NPCs to follow their advice; they can become an architect who builds all kinds of imaginative buildings; they can become a bodyguard who protects players or NPCs from assassins; or they can become a ferryman who takes passengers on a tour of the river.

The game will also feature magic, and allow you to approach each situations in barious ways: You can steal information from NPCs, or bribe them. You can steal things, or buy them. You can kill, or be merciful. Basically, Where Winds Meet expands on the Ghost of Tsushima principle and sets it all before the Song Dynasty, a historical setting that has huge potential.