Call of Duty Developers Making Open-World RPG

Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward, the guys behind the Modern Warfare franchise, are hiring for an open-world RPG. Here's everything we know about this ridiculous-sounding game.

Call of Duty has had some great campaigns in the past, but now it seems like they want to go further with their story-driven offerings. They want to build a fully-fledged RPG. Can they make it? Are you hopeful? Or is Call of Duty wasting their time with all this? You can find all the details below.

Call of Duty Dev's Hiring For RPG Creators

A revealing job advertisement to work at Infinity Ward (one of the three main CoD studios) has been discovered, and it seems to suggest that an open world RPG is in the works from the makers of MW2. We haven't heard of this game from other sources yet, but this job ad gave away most of the key details.

The "Responsibilities" of the job were described like this by Activision:

- Partner with the Game Director and team leadership to set the overall vision for the direction for an unannounced AAA project.
- Your role is to provide the best narrative and cinematic experience in an open world RPG.
- Co-operate with writers, quest designers, and gameplay team to create cohesive narrative experience.

As if it couldn't be obvious enough, they've given away that this is an unannounced AAA open world RPG with quests. Now don't get it twisted, this is Infinity Ward, so you should expect it to still be a shooter with a modern military setting. And it will probably hit all the same notes as they do in cinematic masterpieces like this. But this is still a huge departure from their normal products.

The career's page on Activision has been tightened up since this was leaked, but you can see screenshots of the original job application beneath, courtesy of u/TheExeFiles:

[COD] IW hiring for new Open-World RPG from CallOfDuty

One-page story pitch ideas sound exciting. Could this be the job for you potentially? If you do try and go for the position, though, then please, please encourage Infinity Ward to start designing missions like this again...