Does This Confirm The Elder Scrolls 6 as Xbox Exclusive?

Elder Scrolls 6 might be a Bethesda Exclusive
Did Microsoft snag Elder Scrolls up as an Xbox exclusive? (Credit: Hyoung Nam | Bethesda)

Microsoft and Bethesda just announced that they will co-host their E3 conference this year. What does this mean for future Bethesda titles like The Elder Scrolls 6?

In an interview with the French magazine Le Figaro, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty (yes, Matt Booty - call us immature, we don't care) stated that Xbox/Microsoft and Bethesda are getting real cozy at this year's E3: They will co-host their conference.

More on TES 6:

Here's the tweet in French, which you probably won't understand, so just trust us – he said, what we said he said:

Will The Elder Scrolls 6 Be an Xbox Exclusive?

So... if Microsoft and Bethesda are co-hosting their E3 conference, they sound awfully close to us. The kind of close, where you're going exclusive and are not seeing other people. Sounds to us like The Elder Scrolls 6 will be an Xbox and Microsoft exclusive. It would make sense, since Starfield was already confirmed as an Xbox exclusive:

A betting man's money is on The Elder Scrolls 6 being an Xbox exclusive and Microsoft announcing it at this E3, holding hands with Bethesda.

Think about it: Are they gonna co-host their event and then say, "You know what me (Microsoft) and my good pal here (Bethesda) decided to be here together to announce that our mutual friend (Sony) who is not with us here tonight will also get the biggest game of this generation."

Nah, fam. PlayStation ain't getting no The Elder Scrolls 6. You can bank that. Them co-hosting the event is them saying TES 6 is an Xbox exclusive without saying that TES 6 is an Xbox exclusive.

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