WoW Error Codes: Explanations And Solutions

World of Warcraft is so big that you can face a whole bunch of possible errors in Blizzard's MMORPG. Here's an explanation list of popular error codes you could face in WoW and possible solving strategies.

Illidan standing in front of Maiev and Akama
WoW Error Codes: Common World of Warcraft errors explained. | © Blizzard

Blizzard's popular fantasy MMORPG World of Warcraft is known to have a variety of error codes that can pop up while playing the game or even just when you try to open the game. These error codes can be caused by a variety of factors, such as server issues, internet connection problems or also conflicts with other software on your computer.

Here are some of the most common error codes that you may encounter while playing World of Warcraft, including their meanings and how you can solve them:

WoW: Popular Errors Codes And Solutions

The WoW realms shut down every week for maintainance, which can result in an error code. | © Blizzard

Before we start, remember that you can always check Blizzard's official Twitter Help Account for possible known problems. It would make sense to start with this step to narrow down the possible source of the problem.

  • BLZ51903003: This error code is related to network connectivity issues and can occur when there is a problem with your internet connection or the Blizzard server you are trying to connect to.
    • Possible solution: Reset your internet connection. If the problem is a server-based one, this won't help – you'll have to wait until the Blizzard servers are running properly again.
  • WOW51900319: This happens if the game client loses the connection to the WoW servers. This can happen because of connection problems, but also when your character is somehow "stuck" in the world in a way that is not intended by the game at all.
  • WoW Error 132: This error refers to a problem with your software or hardware and is often a result of using an out-of-date-addon or driver incompatibility
    • Possible solution: Update all of your addons (or remove the addon folder completely from the WoW directory) and check whether there has been a recent change on your hardware's drivers, like on the graphic card. If yes, try to update your drivers to the newest version, if available.
  • WOW51900118: If you're seeing this, the WoW servers have probably intentionally been taken down by Blizzard due to the weekly scheduled maintenance tasks
    • Possible solution: Wait.
  • WOW51900309 ("No realms are currently available"): You'll see this when the servers came back from maintenance and you're still in the game when this happened. But, this can also show up when Blizzard suffers from unexpected server problems
    • Possible solution: Quit the game and the app. After a restart, you should be able to log in. If not, check Blizzard's Twitter Help Account to find out whether there are server problems occurring.