MMA Fighter Leaks Yakuza 8 - First Look At Next Yakuza Game

Yakuza 8 hasn't been announced yet but we already got our first look at it.

Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon
Check out the first look at Ichiban in Yakuza 8. | © RGG/Sega

Games leak in the funniest way. My personal favorite is the good ol' LinkedIn leak, but here we have my second favorite type of leak: the "random famous person reveal". This time it happened with Yakuza 8, the highly-anticipated sequel to Yakuza: Like a Dragon from 2020. We just got our very first off-screen images from the unannounced game in a YouTube video by a Japanese MMA fighter.

Yakuza 8 Revealed In Random YouTube Video

Big thanks go out to Mikuru Asakura for delivering a first glimpse at Yakuza 8, the next Yakuza game after Like a Dragon. The featherweight class MMA fighter visited the studio of developers Ryau Ga Gotoku Studio together with the Japanese video game outlet Famitsu, who then first reported on this story. I know, sounds either like snitch behavior or foolish behavior, but hey... it's out there now, no need to play the blame game.

In the video, we see some modeling work and an in progress cutscene featuring some of the main characters from Yakuza: Like a Dragon, including protagonist Ichiban. And sadly, he seems to have gotten rid of his afro. Check out the video here, the Yakuza 8 footage pops up from around 10 minutes.

Even though development on Yakuza 8 has been confirmed last year, the game hasn't been properly announced yet. No trailer or gameplay has been released for the next Yakuza game yet. Considering that the developers seem fine with having this video out there, we wouldn't be surprised to see Yakuza 8 officially unveiled soon.