Zelda’s 35th Anniversary — When to Expect Zelda News!

Breath of the Wild
Not what you're thinking, unfortunately. (Credit: Nintendo)

Zelda’s 35th Anniversary has started yesterday and everyone expected some new game announcement or remasters to drop. But it didn’t. Nothing happened. We might know why and when you can actually expect some news.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been on Social Media all day long yesterday, just because you wanted to be the first to know about any possible Zelda Remakes coming. We waited for hours… and nothing dropped. We get it.

But after our initial disappointment settled, we started to think: this actually makes sense.

Why you might ask? Well, because there is another Anniversary going on at Nintendo right now.

Mario 35th anniversary
Both of them are celebrating their anniversaries right now. (Credit: Nintendo)

Yes, our favorite Italian plumber is also celebrating his birthday. And his birthday is taking a while. 6 months, to be exact. That’s how long the Mario Anniversary has been — and still is going on. How muc longer?

Until March 31st.

And now ask yourself. Would Nintendo really overshadow the Mario Anniversary, by announcing a Zelda Remake? By maybe even going as far as announcing anything Breath of the Wild: 2 related? You all know how people would cast aside Mario for that. Easily.

No, Nintendo wouldn’t be that stupid.

So anything Zelda-related, whatever news it may be, we predict slowly rolling in once April hits.

It's coming, friends. One day. (Credit: Nintendo)

Remember that there are still rumors about other possible remakes coming, despite one already having been announced at the Nintendo Direct.

But this wouldn’t be Nintendo if they’d drop one bomb like this (meaning the remastered that was already announced) and then pretend as if nothing happened. Expect more from them, as always.

However, we expect it to happen in a month, when the Mario Anniversary is over.

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