Where To Find Diamonds In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom | Locations & Tips

See here where you can get yourself some diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There are several ways to get these precious gems, and we'll show you all locations and some tips on the best ways to get them.

Zelda totk diamonds shrine
Here is where you can find diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | © EarlyGame / Nintendo

While traveling across Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom, you will find lots of interesting materials. Especially gems are a rare and exciting find, as you can sell them in exchange for rupees or use them to get rare weapons from the 4 different tribes.

In this guide we'll tell you where you can find the rare and important diamonds in TOTK and if there is a way for you to farm them.

Diamond Locations In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

So where can you find the illusive diamonds? Currently, there aren't a ton of spots where you can find them, but we have all known locations here for you.

Diamonds As Shrine Rewards

There are a number of shrines which give you a diamond as a reward. So far, we know about six shrines where you can get a diamond:


Sihajog Shrine

Lanayru Great Spring Sky4544, -0845, 1121
Maoikes ShrineLanayru Wetlands2277, 0150, 0079
Yomizuk ShrineLanayru Great Spring4412, -0610, 0334
Jinodok ShrineSouth Hyrule Sky Archipelago-1257, -1487, 1008
Jochi-ihiga ShrineAkkala Highlands3811, 1218, 0090
Mayaotaki ShrineHebra Mountains-0956, 3535, 0234

We will update this table if we find more shrines that give out diamonds.

Mining Diamonds

Diamond is an ore, so if you're super lucky you can just mine diamonds. And no, I'm not suddenly talking about Minecraft. Every cave and every well has ore deposits. It's very rare, but sometimes diamonds can drop from them.

Totk Cave Ore
Mine ore deposits to get diamonds. | © Nintendo / EarlyGame

Beating Stone Talus

When you beat a Talus, one of the stone golem type world bosses in Tears of the Kingdom, they have a chance to drop a diamond. This is again super rare, but it can happen! If you need help defeating these things, check out this guide:

Buy Diamonds

Zelda totk goron diamonds
I am so broke, pls give me rupees! | © Susanne Ehls via EarlyGame / Nintendo

One reliable source of diamonds is the Goron shop in Goron City, where you can get one for the steep price of 1000 rupees. That is quite a lot, so you will need to farm some rupees to afford visiting him regularly.

Have fun exploring Tears of the Kingdom and get those gems!

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