Halo Infinite's Multiplayer Revealed: Free2Play and Battle Royale Mode

Halo infinite
Halo Infinite's Multiplayer will be free to play! (Image credit: Microsoft Game Studios)

Despite the graphics debate, Halo Infinite is the hottest Xbox Series X game to release for the next-gen console. Especially multiplayer fans have reason to be happy now, because the online mode will be available for free.

343 Industries continues the legendary Halo series, which not only made shooters on consoles presentable but also established the FPS esports: Halo Infinite marks a new beginning for the series and will be released in late 2020 for Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X. Especially multiplayer fans should be happy, because the online mode will be offered as a Free2Play option and a Battle-Royale Mode could also be available.

Halo: Infinite Multiplayer Will Be Free2Play

Those who had an eye on the Microsoft shooter Halo: Infinite mainly because of the multiplayer should be happy. As was announced, the Halo multiplayer will be offered without any costs, as a f2p title.

Only those who want to play the campaign for the Master Chief will have to buy the Xbox Series X launch title. Furthermore, Halo: Infinite runs on the Xbox Series X (and probably on the PC) with a whopping 120 FPS. This provides the most fluid shooting experience ever on consoles.

Halo: Infinite is not a new series part, but it ushers in a new platform. Instead of various successors as in the past, the game is to be based on a live service model and will be supplied with new content (and micro transactions) over years with a battle-pass system.

Battle-Royale Mode for Halo: Infinite Confirmed?

Rumors of a Battle Royale mode in Halo: Infinite have been persisting for months. It seems that the official Japanese Xbox site of the shooter has now confirmed this. Within the game's genre section the term "Battle Royale Shooting" is mentioned.

Halo infinite battle royale
Did Xbox Japan just confirm a Battle Royale mode for Halo Infinite? (Image credit: Microsoft Japan)

But you won't find a corresponding hint on the English or German pages of the game. So, it would be conceivable that this is only an error. Or does Halo: Infinite really want to compete with Fortnite, CoD: Warzone and Co?
We shall see...

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