Play Hogwarts Legacy A Day Earlier On Xbox With This Trick

Hogwarts Legacy will be released on May 5 for PS4 and Xbox One. As an Xbox player, you have the chance to play the game almost a full day earlier, using a simple trick.

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Play Hogwarts Legacy earlier on Xbox One: Here's what to do. | © Portkey Games

According to the global start times of Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the game will be released at 00:00 locally on console. So you'll be able to play the game at midnight from Thursday to Friday wherever you are in the world, or wherever your console thinks you are in the world. Do you see what we're getting at here?

By setting your Xbox location to New Zealand you will get the game at 00:00 New Zealand time, which can be up to 17 hours ahead of the US, depending on which region you're playing. Sadly, this trick only won't work on PlayStation or PC, and (obviously) it's only relevant to those who don't live in New Zealand. Let's get to the trick.

How To Play Hogwarts Legacy Early On Xbox

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Hogwarts Legacy is finally arriving on PS4 and Xbox One. | © Portkey Games

Here's how to set your Xbox to a New Zealand location:

  1. Navigate to settings from the Xbox Dashboard
  2. Go down to "System"
  3. From the "System" menu, go to "Language & Location"
  4. On the "Location" drop-down menu, select New Zealand

Be aware that this will only work for the standard edition of Hogwarts Legacy. If you've purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition, the game will be globally playable from 12 AM ET on May 5th on.

There you have it Xbox bros, the simple guide you need to play Hogwarts Legacy (and lots of other games) early.

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