PlayStation 4: Is It Worth Getting It in 2020?

PlayStation 4 worth getting in 2020
Is it still worth gettings a PS4 in 2020? (Image Credit: Sony)

About seven years ago, the PlayStation 4 heralded the start of the current console generation, and the successor model, the PlayStation 5, awaits us at the end of the year. This raises the question: Buy PlayStation 4 - will it still be worth it in 2020?

Are you asking yourself whether you should buy a PlayStation 4 in 2020 at all? Or should you wait until November/December and get straight into the next console generation with the PS5. We'll tell you why the PS4 is still worth buying in 2020.

Buying the PlayStation 4 in 2020

There are a number of reasons that speak for the purchase of the current Sony PlayStation 4 console even in 2020. We know that with the PS5 the next generation will be launched this year - but we have no idea when this will happen and how much the PlayStation 5 price will be.

One of the most important reasons to buy PS4 in 2020 is the price. Here the question arises as to which model it should be. The PS4 Slim was released in 2016 and is smaller and lighter than the standard PS4 while currently available for €241.53 (as of September 2020). It also consumes less power than the original model and supports the faster 5 GHz WLAN band. Somewhat more expensive, but more powerful, is the PS4 Pro which is available from €315.00 (as of September 2020). Compared to the slim console, it offers better graphics (thanks to 4K resolution), a faster processor, and more connections.

EarlyGame TIP: Be sure to pay attention to the type designation of the PS4 Pro. The CUH-7200 model has a quieter and more efficient fan - you can find the designation on the PS4 Pro console's box.

The PlayStation 5 will cost at least €499 Euros at the time of release, probably even more. The price speaks for the PS4 purchase in 2020. However, you should also ask yourself what you plan to do with your new console. Is it enough for you to play the best PS4 exclusive titles like God of War or The Last of Us 2, or do you want to be prepared for the future with the new PlayStation 5 games?

PS4 Purchase in 2020: The Games

By purchasing a PlayStation 4, you already get access to some of the best console games of the past seven years, only available on the Sony console. There are over 400 games available for the console - so for the next few months, you'll be in good hands.

However, the PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible: At the start, the 100 most important PS4 games will be playable on the new console, more will be added gradually. The PlayStation 5 will be different: it will take at least a year before there are more than a handful of absolute highlights. Then the price of the new console should already have dropped. It's worth waiting if you don't want to play the latest game highlights right away.

Ghost of tsushima 10
For highlights such as Ghost of Tsushima, the PS4 is still worth its price. (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Is PS4 Still Worth It in 2020: The Verdict

Is it still worth buying the PlayStation 4 in 2020? Definitely! The low price in combination with the gigantic game catalog makes the most successful game console in history still look attractive today. If you want to have the latest technology at home, the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro are still an excellent choice in 2020 and should keep you glued to the screen for hundreds if not thousands of hours.

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