Arcane Jinx vs. LoL Lore Jinx

The first season of Arcane has just finished, and while we wait for the second season, we've decided to put some lore under the microscope. How different is Jinx in Arcane to Jinx in LoL Lore?

Jinx Lore Arcane
What's the difference between Jinx in League of Legends and Jinx in Arcane? | © Riot Games

It's time to put our heads together, form a circle and prepare for some champion lore! Yes, Arcane has just ended and we're all very sad, but now we get to start all the fun by dissecting every moment, every second of Arcane.

What's on the menu today? Well, of course, some champion lore comparison. Jinx plays a huge part in Arcane and we want to know whether she was kept true to her original image from her champion lore. So let's jump right into it!

Jinx in Arcane vs Jinx in her Lore

Okay, where do we start? First off, Jinx doesn't just change her name halfway through her lore in League of Legends, while in Arcane she starts off as the little girl known as Powder. Fun Fact: At the end of Act I when Powder 'changes her name' to Jinx, her eye color also changes.

There are a few similarities between Jinx in her lore and Arcane, though. Little Jinx loves to cause trouble and play pranks. In her champion lore, she goes around defacing public property in Piltover and letting animals loose on Progress Day. Well, Jinx in Arcane also makes quite the mess during the Piltovian celebration, eh?

The Relationship Between Jinx and Vi in Lore

Sisters? Not in the League of Legends lore. Sure, they fight like sisters, but it is never outright stated that they are. So, the bottom line here is that in League of Legends lore, Jinx seems to be a mere criminal with massive bombs, while Vi is a police officer with some massive fists.

Oh, but there's more guys, Jinx is absolutely obsessed with Vi – but the 'why' is not known in her League of Legends lore, so the Arcane plot could be a reality if we so choose.


Does the Arcane Lore Fit with the League of Legends Lore?

Yes, in principle it all fits. Jinx' lore starts a lot later than Arcane takes place, so she's already been part of quite a few rodeos and has caused a multitude of explosions. Since we don't know much about her childhood through her lore, so the Arcane lore could become canon.

So, yes, the lore shown to us in Arcane stays true to the character and doesn't change so much as to make the League of Legends lore unbelievable. We love continuity over here, and we hope to see more of Jinx in Season 2 of Arcane!