Things We Want From Season 2 of Arcane

Arcane ended with a bang. Now the waiting game begins as we think of all the story lines and characters we want to see in Arcane season 2.

Arcane Jinx
Riot, we have some demands. | © Riot Games

Arcane has ended, leaving us with too much free time. So to compensate, we’ve decided to come up with a few theories that we would love to see explored in season 2 of Arcane. We’ve talked about the champions we want to see included, but what else could there be?

Arcane opened up a whole world to us viewers. There is still so much lore to explore, so many other regions that could play a part in the plot, and just way too many options for season 2 of Arcane. So, what would we like to see?

Things We Want From Season 2 of Arcane

4. More Ambessa Medarda

She was only there for a brief moment, but we fell in love with her right away. The strict, tough Noxian fighter that is Mel Medarda’s mother. We want to see more of her in Arcane season 2. Her character was extremely interesting and even in just a few scenes, we could tell that there was more to her than just a tough fighter.

She is compassionate, caring, but also tough and will get any job done. Of course, the compassionate side could also just be a front to try and get Mel to listen to her. It’s all a mystery and honestly, we want to know more about her!

3. Involvement of Other Regions

The little sprinkle of Noxus was good in season 1 and fit into the story, but truth be told, we would love to see some more interaction between the different regions. Of course, it’ll have to make sense, but we do think that the inclusion of other regions could be great.

Give us some Noxian invasions. Show us some Freljord traditions. In the first episode of Arcane, we caught a glimpse of some Ionians in Zaun and small details like that would already satisfy us. Piltover is a huge trade port, there have to be people from all over Runeterra mingling about.

2. Viktors Evolution

In Arcane, we got to see Viktor, what he was like before he embraced the hex-core fully. He quickly became a fan favorite, and the internet decided that he was the character they had to protect.

In Season 2, Riot and Fortiche will likely explore his evolution further and how Viktor will become the hulking augmented body he is in League of Legends. We’ve seen short glimpses of his vision, and we can’t wait for Arcane to explore his philosophy further.

Mel Medarda
We knew of her thanks to Legends of Runeterra, but we loved her. | © Riot Games

1. More Original Characters

So, Arcane season 1 had a lot of unique and interesting original characters. Sevika was one of the most interesting people in the show. She seemed like she would be nothing more than a hench-woman at the side of Silco, but became an integral part of the story.

Hopefully, more side characters like her will be making their way into our hearts in season 2 of Arcane. There are already a few options of side characters from season 1 that could need some more backstory, like the rat-guy from Ekko’s crew or the call-boy who came to pick up Ambessa Medarda.