LoL: Jax Is Getting a Mid-Scope Update in 2023

Jax is the next champion to be getting a mid-scope update. Along with Neeko and Rell he will be one of three champs to have a reworked and improved kit.

Jax is not getting a visual update though. | © Riot Games

While Jax is in desperate need of a visual update due to his outdated and old model, he won't be getting an ASU for a while. On a recent stream from Riot China, it was revealed that for a champ to get an ASU they have to be popular and have a lot of skins... seems like Jax will have to keep his big feet.

Instead, Riot will rework his abilities to make him feel much better and smoother to play in 2023. Yes, I said 2023, because his MSU will likely be released after the Neeko mid-scope update which is set to come out sometimes early in 2023.

LoL: Jax Getting Mid-Scope Update Soon

August 'August' Browning, the Lead Champion Designer on League of Legends, has sent out a tweet outlining which champions are on the list of a mid-scope update. Two names were dropped, one of which we already knew a lot about, the other being a complete and utter surprise.

Rell is a champion we've guessed will get an MSU since August has noted it before that the champions team is looking into fixing her up, while Jax was a complete surprise for most, since the champion is at a decent state, especially in higher elos. He was often picked at the LoL World Championship as a counter, to picks like Fiora or Aatrox.

You might encounter K'Sante when you play Jax in the top lane!

Riot won't be doing much to fix the top laner though. August has explained that they will be looking to make the champion feel more intuitive and smoother to play, especially his ultimate. So, there will be a few updates to his abilities, but it shouldn't be as big of a mid-scope change as it was with champions like Taliyah or Sivir.

Will you be testing out this new and smooth version of Jax? Unfortunately, we don't know much else about the changes to his kit, but we're excited to find out what Riot has planned for this champion.