Rell's Mid-Scope Update Was Announced

Rell has been one of the most disappointing champions since her release. Now, Riot will make some changes with a Mid-Scope Update and someone has already leaked the new abilities.

Star Guardian Rell
Rell is finally getting some love from Riot. | © Riot Games

Earlier this year, Riot did suggest that Rell could be one of the champions to receive a mid-scope update at some point in time – now it's been confirmed. These updates have gone over well with the community, especially for champions like Taliyah, Swain and Sivir.

Rell will be another champion to receive one. Neeko will be getting a Mid-Scope Update as well and another champion has also been named to be on the MSU list – Jax.

Rell Mid-Scope Update Officially Announced

Riot has announced two more champions for their Mid-Scope Update list. One of them is our boy Jax in the top lane who will get a small MSU for his ultimate, while another champion is none other than Rell who desperately needs one. She has been one of the least popular and played champions since her release even.

Rell Mid-Scope Update Abilities Leaked

All of Rell's reworked abilities have been leaked online. What exactly will Riot do to upgrade her kit? Well, judging by the leaked changes this is going to be an update akin to the one for Tahm Kench where her ability will be switched with her ultimate.

Is this going to make her more viable though? Let's quickly go over the new abilities and what this will mean for Rell in the long run. Is this an improvement or has Riot got it all wrong?

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Mid-Scope Update Abilities For Rell

In the current state of League of Legends, Rell feels like a slow, chunky and underwhelming version of Leona. So, will these updates to her abilities improve her play rate in solo queue?

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Q - Shattering Strike

Rell's Q has mostly stayed the same. It's a shield breaking ability that deals some magic damage. But, instead of healing her and tethered allies this ability will now slow opponents, adding a little bit more crowd control into her kit.

  • Rell thrusts her lance, destroying all Shields and dealing magic damage. The first units hit suffers Break the Mold's defense steal
  • Shielded units hit by Shattering Strike are slowed when moving away from Rell

This is going to be a great ability against support champions like Lulu and Janna who rely on their shielding power. Rell into these picks will make even more sense with this upgrade to the ability.

W - Ferromancer's Vow

Now this is a brand-new ability in Rell's kit. She gains movement speed and has the ability to shield allies now as well. No more tethering to your allies, which makes this much more interactive and useful compared to her previous abilities.

  • Rell becomes Unstoppable for 2 seconds and gains Move Speed towards nearby champion. After 2 seconds Rell grants a Shield rapidly decaying over 2 seconds to the nearst ally champion

E - Magnetic Overload

If you've played Rell before, then this is an ability you're going to be all too familiar with. Her new E is basically her ultimate. So, now you've got so much more potential to play around with since you're going to have more CC in your kit, or, well... have CC more often.

  • Rell explodes in a magnetic fury, violently pulling nearby enemies towards herself. Then Rell constantly draws nearby enemies towards herself and deals magic damage over the next 3 seconds
  • After 3 seconds the magnetic fury retracts, stunning all enemies caught inside for 1 second and dealing magic damage.

This has always been her best ability and having it available more often is also insane and will make Rell a much bigger threat going forward. But, what will replace her ultimate in this mid-scope update?

R - Ferromancy - Crash Down

Her previous W ability will become her ultimate. So now you can change form with the ultimate, deciding when to go into a fight and when to mount back up. It's been upgraded though and improved so let's check out the new ultimate ability.

  • Passive - Mounted: Rell gains move speed, this bonus is doubled when near an allied champion
  • Active - Ferromancy Crash Down: Rell leaps off her mount, knocking up enemies for 1 second and dealing magic damage. Rell then enters Dismounted form gaining a temporary shield, reducing her move speed and allowing her to use Ferromancy - Rising Shrapnel
  • Passive - Dismounted: Rell gains armor and magic resist and grants nearby allied champions armor and magic resist.
  • Active - Ferromancy Rising Shrapnel: Rell unleashes a pillar of shrapnel in front of her flinging enemies over her head and dealing magic damage. Rell then enters mounted form, gaining move speed for 1 second and allowing to use Ferromancy Crash Down.

Rell can now give multiple allies armor and magic resist thanks to Riot removing the tethering ability, which was previously her E. With this new iteration of her ultimate she's also got some more play making abilities, especially when dismounted thanks to the Rising Shrapnel active.

Will these changes improve Rell and make her a more popular support? Only time will tell. These are just leaks so we could see a completely different versions of her abilities on live servers, but overall these are improvements upon her kit so we hope more people enjoy Rell once the mid-scope update goes live.

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