Is Karma Getting Another Rework?

There has been some confusion about Karma in League of Legends over the last few days. Is she getting reworked yet again? How big would that rework be? Here is everything we found out so far.
Karma Potential Rework
Is Karma really in need of being reworked? Maybe Riot has some plans with her. | © Riot Games

It wasn't really too long ago that Karma received what we can call a "mini-rework". This was in summer of 2021, and now there are rumors about yet another significant tweak to her kit. This time, it was actually Riot leaking it themselves, if you can call it that. We're going to tell you all about this rumor, what it might be linked to and if we're going to see it on live servers.

Lately, all we have been talking about regarding stuff like that was the Rengar rework, which is bound to hit live servers with League of Legends Patch 12.6 pretty soon. Other than that, fans are still eager to find out, which champion is receiving the so-called "Mystery VGU". Many have suspected Aurelion Sol to be the recipient of that update, so how come Karma is suddenly part of the debate?

How Did We Learn About The Karma Leak?

As it's so often the case, BigBadBear, a well known leaker regarding League of Legends, was the one that broke the news. He also posted a video about it on YouTube and this time, it wasn't datamined or leaked by a source within the company. It actually just appeared on the League of Legends client, and it is actually still there as of writing this article – take a look:

Karma new passive
Most of you Karma mains will know – this is not her usual passive. | © Riot Games

Even though it is still called "Gathering Fire", it almost has nothing to do with the passive she currently has. As of now, Karma's passive is tied to her Ultimate. Each time one of her abilities is damaging an enemy champion, her ultimate's cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds. This iteration currently displayed in the League Client looks more Sona-like, except that for Karma, it's her abilities that are enhanced and not her basic attacks.

All other abilities displayed in the client are still her old ones as they are in the game right now, though.

Why Is There Talk About A Karma Rework?

Well, this accidental "leak" within the League of Legends client might have not been an accident after all. Very recently, Karma has gotten a rework in Wild Rift. This definitely leads to the suspicion that there might be a rework coming for her on the PC version as well, especially paired with the change of her passive's description.

Karma's abilities in Wild Rift differ a lot from her abilities in League of Legends. So, is this really going to be a full-on rework for her? Maybe even a 1:1 transfer of her Wild Rift kit into League? This doesn't seem quite feasible in our eyes. As of now, Karma is still a popular support, her pick rate even increasing in higher elos.

So if there's anything like a rework for Karma in the works, it's probably not going to be a complete overhaul of her kit. A new passive ability with some tweaks on her active abilities seems a bit more reasonable.

When Is The Karma Rework Coming?

The schedule for reworks, new champions and VGUs seems to be quite packed already. So if Riot is really working on a Karma overhaul, it is not very likely to arrive with League of Legends Patch 12.6. Next opportunity for us to hear about this topic would most likely be the Champion Roadmap set to release in April 2022. We'll be keen on finding out more about it!