League of Legends Error 7: How To Fix

League of Legends Error 7 pops up sometimes. We'll go over how to fix it if you ever encounter this LoL error code.

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League of Legends Error 7: Let's fix this annoying error! | © Riot Games

League of Legends has many error codes and issues. The game is already over 10-years-old and has the worst client from any other online game. There are bound to be some issues with it, right?

One of those issues is none other than the Error 7 which could pop up every once in a while. How do you fix the League of Legends Error 7 though? We'll go through the steps right now so you can get back to playing League as quickly as possible.

League of Legends Error 7: Error Code Explained

To know what you have to fix, you first have to know what's broken, right? Right. Well, League of Legends Error 7 is an issue faced by many players where they find themselves unable to join the game.

This error typically signifies a problem associated with Riot's game servers or the player's link to them. When faced with this error, it implies that there might be an excessive load on the game's servers, leading to player disconnections.

How To Fix League of Legends Error 7

Since this is an error in which players might have problems linking to Riot Games' server there are a few solutions you can try out to see whether they will help you get back to your games quickly.

Try one of these six solutions to fix the League of Legends Error 7:

  • Restart the Game: This is the first step you should try, as a simple restart can sometimes resolve temporary issues stemming from old cookies, cache, or conflicts with other software
  • Check Server Status: Sometimes, the game servers might be down for maintenance or facing technical difficulties. You can check the server status on the Riot server-status official website
  • Run the Application as Administrator: Ensure the game has all the necessary privileges by right-clicking the game launcher and selecting "Run as administrator"
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Let's fix this error! | © Riot Games
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  • Close Unwanted Programs: Closing unnecessary background programs, especially those using significant internet, RAM, or disk resources, can help
  • Use Hextech Repair Tool: This is a free tool provided by the game's publisher that can help fix a range of issues, including broken update patches and screen issues
  • Check Antivirus Software: Sometimes, third-party antivirus software can interfere with the game. Disabling the antivirus temporarily can help determine if it's the cause

These are the six solutions you should try to get back to your ranked games as soon as possible once more. This is a difficult error to fix on your own, so we hope that these solutions will work for you.

Hopefully we could help you fix the League of Legends Error 7 so you can get back to playing League of Legends as soon as possible!

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