Part of New LoL Champion's Kit Has Leaked

Milio is the next champion in League of Legends. He's going to be a cute support from Ixtal and also a male enchanter according to what we know. Now, part of his kit seems to have leaked.

Ixtal Support Flames
As a support main, I am hype. | © Riot Games

Milio is the next League of Legends champion. An adorable little support from Ixtal will be making his way onto the rift early in 2023. Whether that will be LoL Patch 13.4 or 13.5 – maybe even later – is yet to be seen.

But, with his release fast approaching, we're also getting more and more trickles of information regarding the champion and his abilities. Some part of his kit has been leaked online already.

New LoL Support: Milio To Have Switching Abilties

Leaker BigBadBear has revealed some details about the upcoming champion's gameplay. Now, one thing to mention is that these are leaks and while most of the time these are pretty reliable, we cannot take everything revealed at face value since none of the information is officially revealed yet.

Now, moving on to the interesting part. What will Milio's kit look like?

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It seems like Milio is going to have two different forms for his abilities. This means players will be able to likely use his ultimate to switch between the forms. At least that is what has been revealed that by interacting with his ult you can move between the two forms.

This is what the new support can potentially look like:

By having two versions of his skills, Milio will be able to either buff allies or be played as an engage champion with more crowd control. This makes him an extremely dynamic champion if played right.

According to the leaks these two forms will also be displayed visually. Either with fire or with fireflies which are referred to as his "friends". It could be that when he uses fire he will be able to engage and use it to disrupt enemies, while his fireflies will heal and shield his allies... kind of like Lulu and Pix.

That's everything that has been revealed regarding Milio's upcoming kit. Will he be completely OP or be a decent champion upon release? He sounds like Lulu on steroids, but that's just my opinion. We are going to have to wait for an official reveal from Riot to know more.

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