League of Legends Miss Fortune Guide: How To Master This Bot Laner

How to play Miss Fortune? We will answer this question today. She might not be the hardest Champion in League of Legends, but there is still so much to discover and learn about MF. So here is our beginners guide.

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League of Legends: On the road to success with MF! | ©EarlyGame/Riot Games

At the moment and in the current meta, she's back at the top: Miss Fortune, also known as the Bounty Hunter. Right now, she is one of the best ADC's in League of Legends. And that's not a surprise, since the champ offers massive burst damage, a devastating ultimate and a movement speed bonus for roaming.

To be always one step ahead, we will give you a quick overview about Miss Fortune's play style, abilities, items, and runes. So grab the guns and let's go.

Miss Fortunes Abilities

Just like every other champion in LoL, Miss Fortune possesses four unique abilities:

Q - Double Up

Miss Fortune fires a penetrating bullet, that goes through the target. This will deal a massive amount of damage to two enemies. With this ability, you have the option to hit multiple targets at once and even hit enemies in the back line, or behind the minion wave.

W - Strut

Miss Fortune increases her attack and movement speed. You can use this ability to reposition yourself during fights, or to disengage from dangerous situations in-game. Activate this ability before your fights to maximize your firepower.

E - Make It Rain

Miss Fortune summons a bullet rain, which deals damage and significantly slow your opponents. Use this to force your opponents to move away, or to catch them. Also, it's very helpful to slow your opponents. Follow it up with, your ultimate to maximize its effectiveness.

R - Bullet Time

Miss Fortune's ultimate ability. She fires multiple volleys of bullets in a cone-shape and hits everyone withing this range. This ability is great for team fights and very effective against nearly every champ.

Miss Fortune's Play Style

Miss Fortune is an aggressive and burst-orientated AD champ. Her play style is based on high damage numbers and her ability to dominate in team fights. Here are some important point while playing her:

  • Harassment: Use your Q-ability to harass your lane opponents in the early game. Keep them low on hp and force them away from their wave. Some lucky hits through the minion wave can be enough to establish dominance on the lane
  • Teamfights: Try to stay in the back line while team fighting and wait for the perfect moment to use your ultimate. Try to hit as many opponents as possible and be careful, your ult can be stopped at any time if you get CC'd
  • Mobility: Activate her W before fighting to increase your movement speed and attack speed. Like this it's easier to flee, reposition or chasing.
  • Awareness: Map awareness is always one of the most important aspects, in every LoL game. Miss Fortune is a rather immobile champ, so don't stay too far away from your supporter or team and keep an eye on the mini map.
  • Synergies: Look out for a fitting ally to maximize your effectiveness. For example, a champion with a lot of crowd-control abilities. This will make it easier to use your devastating ultimate, the strongest part of your kit.

Recommended Items And Runes

Miss Fortune Items
Ein möglicher Item-Build für Miss-Fortune. | © Riot Games

To use Miss Fortune at maximum effectiveness, you should choose the recommended runes and item builds:

  • Items: Youmuu's Ghostblade, The Collector, Serylda's Grudge
  • Runes: Inspiration (First Strike, Magical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery, Cosmic Insight), Sorcery (Manaflow Band, Gathering Storm)

Miss Fortune is a champ that works really well with Lethality and Armor Penetration. In some cases, you can build crit-damage on her. If you decide to do that, we recommend buying Infinity Edge and/ or Kraken Slayer. Of course, your build should fit your play style. And you should always react to the enemy team comb.

MF needs a lot of mana, so a with Tear of the Goddess instead of Doran's Blade might be a good idea. You can use the Tear later to build Manamune/Muramana. Both is possible and not bad on Miss Fortune.

5 Tips And Tricks for Miss Fortune

We're very sure, that the most of you guys don't really remember every single word we wrote so far. So, here are the most important aspects of Miss Fortune in a short summary:

  1. Use Q - Double Up, to increase your damage output and hit targets in the back line or clean away minion waves faster.
  2. Activate W - Strut before fighting to increase your movement and attack speed. Use this to reposition during the fights.
  3. Combine E - Make It Rain with your ultimate ability to slow your opponents and increased the time they stand in your ultimate.
  4. Position yourself in favorable position to use R - Bullet Time on multiple opponents. So you can dominate and even decide team fights and the whole game
  5. Keep an eye on the mini map. You can use your E to slow enemy ganks and attacks. Don't stay too far away from your support or team. Miss Fortune is a rather immobile champion.

With the right usage of your abilities, the fitting items and runes, you can make the lane a living hell for your opponents. Miss Fortune's abilities are great to control the battlefield, and you always have the possibility to decide teamfights with a good ultimate. So there you have it, a short beginners guide for Miss Fortune.

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