Potential League of Legends MSI Tournament Location Revealed

The Mid-Season Invitational, MSI for short, is the second biggest esports event in League of Legends. The location of the 2023 event has potentially been revealed already.

The last time the Mid-Season Invitational was in Europe it was hosted by Iceland due to COVID restrictions, as well as easy quarantine options. Now, it seems like the international LoL tournament will be returning to another European island state, this time England.

According to sources from the Esports News UK, the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational could be making its way to some of the biggest sporting stadiums in the world in London.

Sources: London to Host 2023 Mid-Season LoL Event

MSI is the second biggest esports event in League of Legends, with the winners of every single region coming together in one tournament to secure an extra slot at the 2023 World Championship, as well as a trophy. Oh, and bragging rights for the best region in the world.

While in 2022 the event took place in Busan, South Korea, it seems that this time Riot has their eyes set on London, England, to host the international event in 2023.

There are a multitude of great hosting options for the MSI finals in 2023 if London turns out to be the host city. Some of the world's biggest soccer clubs (or football if you're from anywhere but North America) call London their home and Tottenham has also recently welcomed the NFL to their high-tech state-of-the-art stadium as well.

Of course, this information has not been confirmed by Riot yet, but fans are excited for the event to be in the UK, with a lot of on-air talent coming from there.

Now we just have to see which teams will qualify for this event and of course, finish roster mania ahead of the 2023 Spring Split in most leagues as well, with some teams not even having announced their full 2023 squads yet.

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