New Mythic Chroma To Be Released Soon

Riot has released a new item into the mythic shop which are mythic Chromas Final Boss Veigar was the first to receive a mythic chroma, but with these rotating, who will get the second one?

Star Guardian Jinx
Jinx is getting a new chroma. | © Riot Games

Riot is going all-in on the Star Guardian Event. Well... almost we probably won't be getting a PvE mode which has many fans upset, but a whole mountain of new skins is hitting the League of Legends shop, as well as brand-new mythic content.

Prestige Star Guardian Ekko has been revealed and according to leakers a second prestige skin is on its way for the second half of the event. Many fans believe the skin to be a prestige Syndra skin with her getting 'corrupted' by Fiddlesticks. But what other mythic content could Riot be releasing?

Everything You Need to Know About Mythic Chromas

Final Boss Veigar received the first mythic chroma in LoL Patch 12.12. The new mythic chroma not only changed the champions colour, but also their VFX, which makes this the main selling point of the mythic chroma.

When do New Mythic Chroma's Come Out?

We will be receiving new mythic chroma's every two patches and since the last mythic chroma was released in LoL patch 12.12, the next one is going to hit the League of Legends mythic shop in LoL Patch 12.14. This is right in the middle of the Star Guardian event, so we do hope that we will be getting a Star Guardian mythic chroma.

How Much do Mythic Chromas Cost?

The first mythic chroma for Final Boss Veigar cost 40 Mythic Essence, which a lot of players was pretty steep for a mere chroma. Sure, it's an exclusive chroma which can only be obtained in the mythic shop, but that's just it. It's just a chroma.

So, many fans do hope that Riot is going to make the mythic chromas a bit cheaper since they are a good idea to bring added value to the mythic shop as well as to a player's favorite champion. When you think about it the seasonal mythics Riot adds every three months cost 100 Mythic Essence and a Chroma for an already existing skin is a whopping 40... in comparison you really don't get much for your money.

Which Mythic Chromas Has Riot Released?

The first mythic chroma entered the mythic shop in League of Legends Patch 12.12 and Riot will continue to release these chromas on a two-patch basis, meaning every month a new chroma should be added.

Mythic ChromaCostRelease DateRelease Patch
Final Boss Veigar40 MEJune 23, 2022LoL Patch 12.12

Which Champions Will Get A Mythic Chroma?

Mythic Chromas are exclusive to seasonal mythics and legendary skins. Since Riot is currently hyping up the Star Guardian event with huge reveals in Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends, of course we are going to be getting a Star Guardian themed mythic chroma as well.

Star Guardian Jinx, one of four legendary Star Guardian skins – before the reveal of Kai'Sa and Akali – is going to be receiving the second mythic chroma that Riot will release. This chroma will add new colors to the skin, as well as to Star Guardian Jinxs' VFX.

Of course, many fans had hoped that Xayah and Rakan would be on the receiving end of the new mythic chromas. The two are 'corrupted' Star Guardians in the lore and many had hoped that they would be getting their 'redeemed' skins as chromas. Maybe we get the skins at a later date?