Everything We Know About The Neon Inferno Skins

Riot is working on some new skins and one of the brand-new skin lines we will be getting are the Neon Inferno skins, but how much will they cost and which champions should be getting skins in this alternate world? Let's check out what information we've got.

Cyberpunk Image League
Will this be the aesthetic of the upcoming skins? | © CD Projekt Red

According to leakers, the next skin line we should be seeing on the PBE server – after the release of the adorable Monster Tamer skins, of course – is going to be the Neon Inferno skin line. This skin line will be brand-new and unlike anything we've seen before, at least that's what leakers have been saying.

So, what do we even know about the skins? Which champions are going to be getting skins, and how much are they even going to cost? Well, for now, all we have to go on are leaks, but we can already get excited about some new fresh skins, right? Right. So let's check out all the information we've got.

Which Champions Will Receive Neon Inferno Skins?

Nothing has been confirmed yet by Riot, but two names have been floating around the internet already in regard to which champions would be getting skins in this universe. So, which champions could be getting Neon Inferno skins according to leakers?

ChampionSkin TierCost
Neon Inferno PykeLegendary1820 RP
Neon Inferno JhinEpic1350 RP
Neon Inferno Jhin PrestigeMythic125 ME

As mentioned, these are just rumors. Pyke already received the first Ashen Knight skin as part of the seasonal mythic thematic, so giving him a legendary could feel a bit like overkill, but then again, the Ashen Knight Pyke skin did sell pretty well...

What Will Neon Inferno Look Like?

Thus far, we have nothing but the name to go by, but we would think that this universe is somewhat of a pop-punk future with bright colors all over. Wouldn't a bright Cyberpunk world just fit perfectly with the name Neon Inferno? Though until Riot reveals more, we will just have to keep guessing what we think Neon Inferno will look like.

When Can We Expect the Neon Inferno Skins?

According to leakers, these skins will be the next big skin line. So, while in League of Legends Patch 12.15 we are receiving three very cute, but highly debated skins in the Monster Tamer skin line, leakers believe that LoL Patch 12.16 is going to be the date for the Neon Inferno Skins.

So let's wait and see what these skins have in store for us and whether the leakers were right. Maybe we even get the next Dreadnova vs. Steel Valkyries skins before the Neon Inferno skins? Who knows, anything can happen.