"Poison For Worlds": Streamer Demands Ban For Unpopular League of Legends Champion

Yuumi is at it once again. Even though she was nerfed ahead of the LoL Worlds she's still got a presence in the games due to her unique playstyle and scaling power. Now even streamers are sick and tired of this pick and are weighing in on the Yuumi discussion.

Yuumi Patch 11 20 Bewitching skin
League of Legends: Yuumi might look cute, but we would rather not see her. | © Riot Games

In the summer split it was Yuumi and Zeri. Now it's Yuumi and Sivir at the League of Legends World Championship that are causing quite the uproar in the League of Legends community. She has been a high-presence pick throughout the year 2022, ever since she was first picked at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship.

Yes, it's already been a year since Yuumi has become a staple in the League of Legends meta and players, fans and experts are sick and tired of seeing her on the biggest stage. Will someone please find a game-breaking bug in her kit so she can finally be disabled?

League of Legends: Yuumi Stats Throughout Worlds 2022

Yuumi has been a pretty prominent pick in the League of Legends World Championship thus far. She saw some play in the Play-In stage, where she ended up with a 66% win rate after getting picked six times. In the Group Stage her win rate has soared. Granted she's only been played four times, but every single time ended in a win for the magical cat. 100% win rate, yes.

She's also got a high presence in her games having a ban rate of 70%. This means she's got a presence of 88% in all of the games at the League of Legends World Championship. This is a champion that just seems to stick around thanks to her untargetability, scaling and even damage output with her Q poke.

Community Calls on Riot to Ban Yuumi

With Yuumi having such a high priority and looking so strong some players and fans are demanding her to be banned from the game for the rest of the League of Legends World Championship. One famous German streamer and professional League player, NoWay, let out his frustration on October 10 on Twitter.

Yuumi is poison for Worlds. Just ban this garbage globally right now.

This tweet came right after G2 Esports lost to the LPL's first seed JD Gaming where support player Missing put on a clinic on the little cat going 2/2/10 and dealing over 20K damage – more than the enemies' bot lane of Alistar and Seraphine combined.

The problem is that Yuumi can safely sit atop her ADC and throw out her Q to poke. If you buy damage items instead of support items that Q poke damage can be detrimental to the enemy team, and Yuumi is as safe as no other champion.

Some fans have also weighed in on the issue and they feel that Yuumi is a great starter champion, but should be disallowed in high elo and pro play. Do you think limiting which champions can be played on the pro stage should be allowed? Let us know in the comments below!

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