League of Legends: Riot Is Finally Changing /Remake

It took one of the biggest League of Legends creators losing his mind on stream for Riot fo finally step in and vow to make a change to the remake tool in LoL. Thanks Tyler1, but the community is still not happy.

Tyler 1
What pissed Tyler off so badly? | © Riot Games

Bugs in League of Legends are nothing new. There are a lot off issues within the game, and while some are minor other bugs can be infuriating. One of those issues is the remake situation within the game and the other day one of the biggest League of Legends content creators experienced this bug and finally Riot listened.

After a game went wrong within the first 3 minutes, Tyler1 wanted to remake, but the /remake function did not work, which resulted in the streamer losing it on stream and cursing out Riot. This clip, of course, mad it's way onto Reddit, where the community expressed their own frustration.

Why Did Tyler1 Want to Remake League of Legends Game?

Basically, Tyler1 was enjoying solo queue as one does and well the inevitable happened and their jungler, a Nunu, forgot to pick the Summoner Spell Smite. Is that anything new? Not in my Gold games. So, what did the Nunu do who didn't pick Smite? They went AFK.

This prompted Tyler1 and his team to int in the first couple of minutes, thinking that by the third minute they'd be able to /remake the game. Little did they know that the game had other plans for them.

Tyler1 got absolutely destroyed by Riot from leagueoflegends

When they tried to vote on a remake Tyler1 got faced with this message: "/Remake is only available when one or more players fail to connect to the game." This means that even though within the first three minutes of the game the Nunu didn't buy items, didn't move and hadn't written in chat, the team still wasn't able to remake and would have had to play 15 minutes before they could ff.

For someone in high elo, where queue times can go up to 10-minutes or even longer this seems like a waste of time, no? So, of course as is Tyler1 fashion, he got furious and understandably so. In his rage, Tyler1 decided he would quit the match and in the end he was the one who received a Ranked LP penalty, as well as 20 more LP for the loss of the game itself.

Riot Responds to Reddit Thread

This whole ordeal caught the attention of Riot Auberaun who responded on the thread stating that Riot would make changes to the remaking system in League of Legends. But that hasn't quieted the community at all, who still feel that it is unfair.

Yeah agreed, we'll fix this. also looking to move up the remake timer to when absence would reasonably start to impact the game, so around minions meeting in mid or something, exact time tbd

It took for one of the biggest names in League of Legends to go through this issue for Riot to decide that they're willing to make changes, while the community has been begging for the remake function to be improved for ages already.

How the fuck is "player never left the fountain" still not remakable? It shouldn't be tied to if a player connected to the game or not. Doesn't matter if they connected to the game if they never fucking leave the fountain.

Reddit user DontCareWontGank summarized the issue with ease and has the most upvoted comment on the whole thread. It just shows how frustrated the community is with Riot and the current state of League of Legends. So hopefully we will get some improvements on things like remaking games in the future.