Sea Dog Yasuo & Gangplank the Betrayer: Release Date & Price

Not only are we receiving Eclipse skins, but two other skins will also be released along with them! Yasuo and Gangplank will receive brand-new skins thanks to the Ruined King: A League of Legends Story game.
Sea Dog Yasuo
Love him or hate him, but this skin look epic. | © Riot Games

Okay, we thought that the Eclipse skins would be the highlight of the skin reveal for Patch 12.8, but... we were wrong. The show was stolen by none other than Yasuo... out of all the champions in the world, it had to be him. But... we knew this was coming, there was a leak regarding these skins ahead of time already.

So now we're going to check out the new Yasuo and Gangplank skin, how much they'll cost and when you can expect to see them in your League of Legends client!

What Are the New Yasuo and Gangplank Skins?

Okay the names Sea Dog Yasuo and Gangplank the Betrayer sound pretty awesome already, right? These skins, as we can see by their splash arts, will go in the direction of pirates. This fits perfectly with their inspiration, which comes from the Ruined King: A League of Legends Story game.

Wait, you don't know what that even is? Have you been living under a rock? Late in 2021 Riot Forge along with Airship Syndicate released the turn-based RPG which played at the same time as the events of the Ruination event — or well around the same time. Yasuo is a playable character in the game, while Gangplank is a boss you can fight.

How Much Will Sea Dog Yasuo and Gangplank the Betrayer Cost?

These skins will likely be Epic skins, which means they'll cost around, 1350 RP each. If you're looking for a legendary, then check out the upcoming Eclipse skins. Sivir is going to have a legendary for 1820 RP.

But if you're down for another Yasuo skin — remember guys he just got two skins not too long ago — then you should definitely check out Sea Dog Yasuo, the effects look amazing!

When Will Sea Dog Yasuo and Gangplank the Betrayer be Released?

These skins will be released with Patch 12.8, so around April 27, 2022. Of course, this won't mean the skins will be in the shop right away, it usually takes a day or two until the skins are in the store.

Now with the reveal of this new Gangplank skin, we realize why he's receiving a buff in League of Legends Patch 12.7, right?