Sivir Gets A Rework

Sivir has been in League of Legends for a very long time and hasn't changed much since then. That's why Riot decided to modernize her skills. So, what exactly is changing about Sivir?

Pax Sivir Skin
What's Riot going to change about Sivir? | © Riot Games

Riot August just announced on Twitter that Sivir will receive the next mid-scope update. After the updates from Olaf and Taliyah were so well received, Riot decided to do more minor reworks. With the mid-scope updates, the champions should become more modern, and that should also be the case with Sivir.

[Update: June 29, 2022]

Riot Reveals The Sivir Rework

On June 22, 2022 Riot RayYonggi, lead designer for the Sivir rework, released the changes she will be receiving. As previously mentioned, her core identity as a crit AoE team fighting marksman remains unchanged. Her abilities got a small face lift, to make them more modern, and that is exactly what was changed.

With the release of the upcoming Patch 12.13 Buffs and Nerfs we also got more concrete numbers that could make it onto the live servers.


Base stats
  • Mana: 325 --> 300
  • Mana Growth: 50 --> 40
  • Mana Regen/s: 1.6 --> 1.2
  • Mana Regen Growth: 0.18 --> 0.16
  • AD: 63 --> 58
  • AD growth: 3 --> 3.3
  • Base HP: 632 --> 600
  • AS growth: 1.6% --> 2%
P - Fleet of Foot
  • Flat 2 seconds --> Decrease over 1.5s
  • Flat MS gain: 45-60 --> 55-70
Q - Boomerang Blade
  • Base damage: 35-95 --> 25-85
  • Total AD Ratio: 0.7-1.3 --> 0.8-1.0
  • Cooldown: 7s--> 12-8s
  • Cast time: 0.25 --> 0.25-0 (scaling with AS)
  • [NEW] Scales with crit chance up to 50% bonus damage
  • Cost: 70-110 --> 55-75
  • Missile Speed: 1350 --> 1450 outward, 1200 inward
W - Ricochet
  • Buff Duration: 3 attacks --> 4 seconds
  • [NEW] Bonus AS: 20-40%
  • Max Bounces: "Infinite" --> 8 per Ricochet
  • [NEW] Can now bounce back to targets that have already been hit, once per target. Will find new targets first.
  • Total AD: 0.3-0.9 --> 0.3-0.5
  • [NEW] Now deals 80% damage to minions
  • Bounce Range: 450 --> 500
  • Cost: 75 --> 60
  • Bounce Missile Speed: 700 --> 1000
E - Spell Shield
  • [REMOVED] Mana refund
  • [NEW] Heals Sivir for (0.6-0.8tAD) + (0.5AP)
  • [NEW] Procs Fleet of Foot Passive
  • Cooldown: 22-10s --> 22-14s
R - On the Hunt
  • Cooldown: 120-80 --> 100-70
  • [REMOVED] Attack Speed
  • [REMOVED] Initial Movement Speed Burst
  • [UNCHANGED] Movement speed for Sivir and Allies: 20-30%
  • Duration: 8 - 8-12s
  • [NEW] Refreshes on recently damaged takedown
  • [NEW] Auto attacks during the Hunt reduce Sivir's basic ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds

And those are all the changes Riot has made. Riot RayYonggi also gave as a short description to all the changes to help us better understand them:

  • Base Stats: Adjusting base stats that have been barely touched since season 5 to better match her shape
  • Passive: Sharper movement speed that synergizes with attack speed
  • Q: More reliable Q1, slightly less reliable Q2. Damage scales linearly over game-time
  • W: More reliable bounces, no longer "infinite". W now grants attack speed and synergizes with attack speed
  • E: Remove E as the source of her kit's mana. Give it other outputs that Sivir can appreciate
  • R: Reduce output for teammates and give Sivir a moment of increased personal power

To better understand how the W change will look like, he also added a short video, so we can visualize the changes that have been made:

Riot RayYonggi also noted that these will not be the final numbers, but will instead give us a first look of the direction she is headed. Pretty sure this rework will be well received because she will return to her true hyper-carry form.

Now that her abilities all scale better, she will deal an insane amount of damage in late game team fights. Her W being able to hit the same opponent twice, will be massive for 5v5 team fights. What do you think of the changes? I know I'm excited for Sivir back in the meta.

These changes will be hitting the PBE server this week, so her rework will go live with patch 12.13. A much faster timeline than we had estimated, but a welcome one. She will presumably be hitting the Rift with Nilah, so expect a huge shift in the bot lane meta in Patch 12.13. Exciting time in League of Legends!

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What'll Be Changed About Sivir?

We don't yet know exactly what will be changed about Sivir. After all, the announcement has only just come out, but Riot has already given us a little taste with a few details. Riot mainly wants Sivir to go back to the crit build and her skills to be more modern. The developers have already ruled out changing her attack range, so her abilities will be at the forefront of the changes.

Riot RayYonggi, who is in charge of the update, said in a Reddit thread that Sivir will get more consistent DPS and in return, her skills will not be as team-oriented anymore. The W and Q are being reworked a bit so that she can deal more damage and her build is more oriented towards the crit direction. Both skills are meant to be more functional for the crit build, and her R should give her a personal damage boost. Sivir will lose some utility and poke for this.

As mentioned earlier, her R will be less team oriented and more focused on Sivir, so she can deal more damage. With all the changes, Sivir should be hyper-carrying, which all sounds very exciting. The only ability intended to remain unchanged is her E, the Spell-Shield.

When Will Sivir's Mid Scope Update Release?

Sivir's mid-scope update is going to go live in LoL Patch 12.13. Riot revealed the buffs and nerfs list for all champions and systems in the next patch, and Sivir and her changes are on the list. So, you won't have to wait long to pay some Sivir again!

And that's all we know about Sivir's mid-scope update. Are the Sivir mains among you happy about the changes, or do you want to keep the champion as it is? We're definitely very excited and can't wait to see what Riot has in store.