The LoL Client Is Not Loading

The League of Legends client isn't the best, we all know that and now it's even impossible to get on. Why could this be and how can you check whether your client isn't working.

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What could be wrong with the client? | © Riot Games

The League of Legends client is old and finicky. With the most recent news of a cyberattack on the Riot servers, with information being stolen, the fact that the client now isn't loading sure does worry some fans.

What could be the cause of the LoL client not loading and where can you check for more information from Riot in regard to these issues. Let's go over what we know right now.

LoL Client Not Loading Currently

Anyone trying to log into their LoL account is currently getting error with the client not loading properly. you can sign in, but once the client opens you'll be met with nothing more than a black screen and the loading icon in the middle.

Riot has not yet addressed what the cause of this issue could be, but fans have gone to Downdetector to let everyone else know that the client is currently bugged, which let's be real is nothing new when it comes to the LoL client, right?

Where to Check for Updates from Riot For LoL Client News

If you're looking to find out why this is happening and whether Riot is handling the situation right now, then you can either go on the official League of Legends website or their official Twitter page.

On the official website you can check whether the server in your region is experiencing any issues right now. Riot did just announce that they had been hit by a cyberattack last week, hence why the PBE build has been down, but now the regular LoL client is also failing.

Unfortunately, there is no error code or anything displayed, with the client simply not loading, which means there is no way of finding out how to fix it just yet, but we will keep you updated.

Riot Responds to Servers not Working

Riot sent out a tweet hours after the client went down for multiple Riot Games, such as VALORANT and League of Legends, stating that they're working on the issue.

This seems to be an EMEA-only issue so anyone in NA and Oceania should not be affected by these outages from the Riot client.

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