LoL Worlds 2022: The LCS Disappoints Fans Once More

The stats are not looking good for the three teams that made the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. Who could have thought that NA would implode like this on home soil, eh?

LoL Worlds FNC and C9
C9 shaking hands with FNC after their first loss at Worlds 2022. | © Riot Games

NA was never going to win worlds in 2022. That much was certain from the beginning, but to go 0 - 9 in the first half of group stage... now that is a little underwhelming. But it isn't just that they fell behind it's just how they did it that has fans frustrated.

In the last few years NA, the region with the highest earning players, seems to never even make it out of Groups at Worlds 2022. Sure, in 2021 Perkz took Cloud9 under his care and made sure they got out of groups, but in the years prior...?

Not a Single T2 Tower Taken by LCS Team

One of the most daunting stats has got to be the tower's taken stat. No LCS team has managed to take a single tier 2 tower. Sure when EG took on the LPL first seed JDG they almost got the bottom tier 2 tower, but other than that it hasn't even been close.

Not only that, but none of the LCS teams have really done much else on the map to compensate for their lack of tower taking. Dragons? No, thank you. All-in-all the NA teams have a combined score of eight dragons taken... in nine games. Now you do the math, eh?

Three of those eight dragons were taken by EG in that same game against JDG. So... what are the NA teams doing in their games? Losing most likely and that has fans extremely frustrated.

Fans Frustrated with NA Showing

Fans are extremely frustrated with the slow start that the LCS teams have shown at this World Championship. Games seem to go fine in the early game, but the moment the laning phase is over, the teams seem to fall apart mindlessly roaming the map and forcing plays they shouldn't force, which leads to gold deficits and then losses.

Tyler1 Chimes in on Disappointing Performance

Of course, not only fans and viewers are disappointed, but other NA talents as well. Tyler1 explained his frustration on stream, stating that he couldn't believe that no team could take home at least a single win in the first half of the group stage.

I'm saying they suck. I'm not part of NA bro. I don't care. I dissown NA. [...] They're trash. The most embarrassingly pathetic games I've ever seen in my life. Putting up no fight at all, just rolling over.

It seems that every single year fans have the same discussion of work ethic and a change in it for NA squads, but will this year be so bad that actual change is going to happen for the LCS and NA talent?

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