LoL Worlds 2023: The Location Might Have Been Revealed

The location of the next League of Legends World Championship might have been revealed early. Where will this iconic esports event take place in the new year?

DRX World Champions Summoners Cup
Where is the 2023 World Championship taking place?

The League of Legends World Championship is the biggest esports event of the year. The viewership numbers of the last few years show just how impactful this event is and while the vent in North America was a huge success, Riot believes that there are even bigger things in the future for the event.

Now, it seems to have been revealed where the biggest and best teams all around the World will meet to compete for the most sought after prize in League of Legends esports – the Summoner's Cup.

LoL Worlds 2023: This Is Where The Event Could Take Place

The last LoL Worlds took place in North America and while the event was supposed to head to China in 2020, as well as 2021, it seems that this is not where Riot is looking to host the event in 2023. Instead, we will be coming back to the location if the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational.

According to Brieuc "LEC Wooloo" Seeger the event will be heading to South Korea in 2023. This would be the third time the event is hosted in South Korea. South Korea has a rich history in esports and some of the best World Championships have taken place there.

Worlds 2023 isn't the only location for a major international LoL event that has been leaked:

In 2014 Samsung White surprised everyone with a victory over the Chinese Star Horn Royal Club and in 2018, Invictus Gaming took home the first ever LPL victory at a League of Legends World Championship when they faced off against Fnatic.

The news of Worlds heading back to South Korea has many fans excited. While the tournament in North America was a success, European and Asian viewers had to suffer through awful timezones, with many games only starting at 3 or 4 AM for them. By holding the tournament in Asia, viewers in Europe will be able to watch in the early afternoon, while North American fans would have to wake up early to watch.

There is no perfect fix to the timezone problem, but we're all wondering when the World Championship will head down under. Wouldn't Worlds in Australia be one for the ages?

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