Report: LoL Worlds 2024 Could Return To Europe

A recent news report from Esports News UK has revealed that Riot Games could seriously be considering coming back to London and Europe for the 2024 League of Legends World Championship. How true are these rumors though?

MSI 2023 Arena with Fans
LoL Worlds 2024: There are some talks of LoL esports coming back to London soon. | © Riot Games

On May 25, 2023 Esports News UK revealed a report in which they explained that the 2024 League of Legends World Championship could return to Europe and the UK. Esports News UK had also been the ones to reveal that MSI 2023 would be coming to London through their sources and those same sources have hinted at a return for Worlds.

Worlds was last hosted by Europe back in 2019, with Berlin, Barcelona and Paris as the host cities. The last time the event had been in London was back in 2015. So, could we see the biggest esports teams in Europe once more next year?

LoL Worlds 2024: Reports Hint At Return To London

According to Esports News UK, the results of MSI 2023 would heavily impact Riot's decision of returning to London for their biggest esports event of the year. With only a few seats empty during the early play-in stage, and a great atmosphere, London has managed to pass the test it seems.

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Several sources seem to have revealed that there are currently talks with Riot to bring the event to London. London & Partners, a key company when it came to MSI 2023, is very keen to work with Riot once more according to the report from Esports News UK.

In a press conference, Naz Aletaha, Global Head of League of Legends Esports did state that Riot would be interested in London hosting another event.

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Seeing the fans [in London] supporting Brazilian teams, LATAM teams, obviously EMEA teams, LPL, LCK, we love that. And we actually look for that when we choose our host regions and host cities – where can we go that’s going to be international?

Of course, none of this information has officially been confirmed yet. It is still a year and a half until Worlds 2024 will take place and Riot is currently focusing on the 2023 World Championship in South Korea which is set to kick off mid-October, right after the Asian Games.

Personally, I would love to see Worlds go somewhere completely different, like Brazil or Vietnam for some variety, especially for fans of these minor regions. The CBLoL already pulls more viewers than the LCS, so why not let them also host the biggest esports event of the year, right?

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