Everything We Know About the Worlds Event 2022

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship is just around the corner, and as is usual, we're going to have an in-client event. So, what can we expect from this Worlds event? Let's go over the details right now.

Worlds 2022 Azir Skin Splash
This is the Worlds skin of 2022. | © Riot Games

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to fly out to San Francisco to celebrate the best League of Legends players in the world. You can do all that from the comfort of your own home all thanks to the in-client event that Riot is going to release for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship.

What is Riot going to be doing for this year's event? Well, this could be the first event which will include the new event pass that Riot teased all the way at the beginning of the year. Yeah, remember when we were promised an overhaul to events? Well, it might finally happen in the third phase of the mythic content overhaul.

LoL Worlds Event 2022: Spirit Blossom Theme

The theme for this League of Legends event is going to be Spirit Blossom with the second set of Spirit Blossom skins hitting the rift in LoL Patch 12.19. Ten new skins will be added to the game with Sett getting a well-deserved legendary (I'm not biased... not at all). Master Yi will also get a prestige skin from the bunch.

Rotating Game Mode for Worlds Event 2022:

The rotating game mode for the Worlds Event is going to be none other than URF. This had many fans pretty upset since they were promised a return of Nexus Blitz at some point in 2022 and well... they haven't gotten what they've been promised yet.

Also, with the return of Spirit Blossom this would have been perfect to add Nexus Blitz once more which is a game mode Riot brought back, albeit slightly reworked, in 2020 for the initial Spirit Blossom event.

LoL Worlds Event 2022 Rewards

Riot hasn't released the official list of rewards yet, but judging by the PBE as well as previous events, we can expect some new Summoner Icons, Capsules, Orbs, Chests and much more as is usual in these events – but we will definitely update this section once we have the exact details of all the loot available.

Of course, we're also going to be getting tokens with which we can then get skins, chromas and much more in the event shop. Hey, maybe even get that new K'Sante skin Riot teased earlier this month, eh?

The LoL Worlds Event Dates

Of course, we also need to let you know when the event is actually going to take place, right? This event will kick off with LoL Patch 12.19, which is right when the League of Legends World Championship main stage will also start. So, make sure you're ready to watch and game.

The event will likely run until LoL Patch 12.21, since that is when K'Sante should be released along with his prestige skin. We also know that you can use your tokens until November 14, to pick up the prestige skin, which means that is when the event shop should close.