League of Legends: Yuumi's Broken Tear Bug

A League of Legends rework being released without a game-breaking bug? Not possible! Yuumi 2.0 is conquering Summoner's Rift with the Tear exploit.

Yuumi 28
♪ Where's my fishy fish fish dish? ♪ Meow! | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

Have you heard about the new exploit after the Yummi rework yet? No? Then now you have the opportunity to take advantage until Riot changes it!

Of course, Riot's intention was not to make Yummi even more OP immediately after the change was introduced. Just a few days after the new Patch, Summoner's Rift players discovered an interesting glitch that, contrary to Riot's goals, is totally OP.

Yummi Broken Again?

Players have discovered that if Yuumi attaches and detaches to an ally who has the Tear of the Goddess in his inventory, each time he does so, the player gains a stack of the item. By repeating this process, this way, Yuumi can stack the entire item in a few minutes!

In Dan Harrison's tweet, he shows us this bug in the game and you can see that the Yuumi player provides his ally Ezreal with almost 45 stacks of Tears of the Goddess before he is even in lane. This allows Ezreal to deal more damage consistently with more mana. Thanks to Yuumi's changes, she can provide Ezreal with a fair amount of survivability, making him really difficult to defeat. In the case of a duo, Yuumi with Ezreal or Varus, this trick is really useful.

Riot Games has already acknowledged the error and is looking for a fix, although the possibility of playing Yummi is still not disabled. Enjoy the solo queue!

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