Is Zeri Going To Be The Fastest Champ To Get Reworked?

Zeri was released early into Season 12 of League of Legends, but it seems like Riot has had some issues trying to balance her. Could this mean that she is going to be reworked quite soon already to try and make her balance-able?

Ocean Song Ashe and Zeri
She might be partying here, but on the rift she sure as hell isn't. | © Riot Games

Zeri is one of the few champions released this year, and it's crazy to think she could have already been released in 2021 even. Thanks to Arcane, she was pushed back into this season and well... she's been great fun to have around, right? Well, if you're playing her in the pro-scene maybe, but not in solo queue.

Zeri seems to be one of those champions that Riot just isn't able to balance... at all. She is either completely broken in pro play or she is complete dog sh*t on every level of play. There is no in-between. So, will Zeri be getting a rework?

Zeri Getting Nerf #8 In Patch 12.16

Zeri was released in LoL Patch 12.2, and now she is about to receive her eighth nerf this season alone. Yes, we went back, looked at all the patch notes and counted to make sure we were right when we saw her name once more on the nerf list for the next League of Legends patch.

Two-Faced Zeri: OP in Pro and Weak in Solo Queue

So, what is it exactly that is so insane when it comes to Zeri and the amount of nerfs she's received? Well, the fact that her win rate is down in the dumps, sitting around a mere 47% as of writing this article and yet, she is still being nerfed. It is pretty insane, right?

But it's not the solo queue players that are the problem. No, it's the high elo pro players who just abuse this pick on stage. Gen.G's Ruler? Pentakill. T1's Gumayusi? Pentakill. Fnatic making it to the LEC Playoffs? Fnatic's Upset popping off. But what do all of these have in common? They were all playing the exact same champion. Which champion might that be, though? Well, she starts with Z and rhymes with 'eri'...

Will Riot Rework Zeri?

According to Riot August, it could be that Zeri will be seeing some changes in the future. Whether the champions team will actually go through with this is uncertain, since other champions like Ryze, Aphelios and Azir have similar issues where they're almost impossible to balance around solo queue since they'd be too oppressive in pro-play.

Zeri could work the same way, where Riot keeps her extremely weak in solo queue, while trying to keep a lid on her power in the professional League of Legends scene. Seriously, we don't want a Ryze 2.0 situation with Zeri where she gets reworked 5 times and still sucks, right?

So, whether she is getting reworked is still unsure, but we know that in the upcoming patch, which is geared towards the upcoming LoL World Championship, our favorite bot laner will be getting nerfed once more.