NBA 2K21 Gameplay Trailer Contains No Gameplay

NBA 2 K21 Everything is Game Trailer Thumbnail
The NBA 2K21 gameplay trailer proves that there will be virtual basketball players in the game. (Image credit: 2K Games)

2K Games released the first current gen gameplay trailer for NBA 2K21. It contains some stuff and some other stuff. What it does not contain, however, is in-game footage. You know, actual gameplay. Let's see what's in and out of the NBA 2K21 trailer.

NBA 2K21 Looks the Same, Feels the Same

Before we discuss the trailer, you might as well see it yourself. 2K Games did not throw too much sweat on it, at least not their own. It's a minute and a half, barely, and even that feels too long for what they show.

The trailer begins, we see gameplay footage. Cover star Damian Lillard is dribbling the ball as the clock winds down. He steps back for the buzzer-beating three, though there's no need for that given how stiff the defender is, and...nothing. That's it for gameplay. We don't even see how the ball interacts with the rim and/or the net. Actual gameplay stuff.

What we see instead is a series of cut-scenes that simulate gameplay, but that you will never see as they're being presented while playing NBA 2K21. Kobe's in. May his soul rest. That's about the only good thing that comes of this trailer.

This is the point where we kindly remind you that NBA 2K21 will have its price spiked to $70 for next-gen consoles. In return, you get beautiful looking sweat and gameplay of which we know nothing about a month prior to release. I mean we'll know what the game's gonna be like by the time we can buy it for the PlayStation5 or Xbox X Series, but you get the point. 2K want a lot and give nothing back, except for a full-fledged casino with some virtual basketball sprinkled here and there for color.


NBA 2K21 is out September 4, by the way. If you insist.

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