FIFA 23: This Trick Saves You Millions

Saving money, doesn't matter whether in real life or in the game, actually never hurts. Here we show you how you can really fill up your savings account in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Glitch
This FIFA 23 glitch is unbelievable! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

We have already gathered some cheats, glitches and helpful adjustments for FIFA for you. Now, we also have a new trick, that has popped up and lets you save very much transfer budget in the FIFA 23 Career Mode. You can now afford almost every player in the game!

FIFA 23 Career Mode: How To Get Every Player For $50

Yes, you're reading it correctly. With a little bit of luck, you can get every player in Career Mode for only $50. It doesn't matter if it's Erling Haaland, Vinicius Jr. or Kylian Mbappé, you can get everyone for a bargain.

The only thing you need is a bit of money (more than the $50) and two cheap players, you can offer in a swap deal. You should have them, for sure, because you also need to build a team around your new star players.

That's How To Do It!

Step 1: Choose a player you want to sign. The only requirement is, that you have to be able to start the negotiations in the first place. That means that Erling Haaland for example cannot be signed in the first transfer period, because he just moved to Manchester City. Also, if the players reach a certain overall rating and your team is playing in the lower divisions, they could reject negotiations because they don't want to relocate at this time.

Step 2: So, you have now started the negotiations, but can't afford a Vinicius Jr. by far. No problem! Just offer one of your players which has a market value of a few hundred thousand dollars – Important! They shouldn't be too valuable – and a small fee like $300,000. The club you're negotiating with won't accept this offer and will counter. Simply offer another player and the same fee. Now, they will have to think about it and stop the negotiations for now.

Step 3: Simulate a few days until you get a new offer in your mails. Now, simply offer $50 and don't offer another player in a swap deal. The other club should now accept your offer. In some cases, they can also make another counter offer for a few hundred thousand dollars, which you then should accept, because they will end the negotiations otherwise. Yes, in that case you don't only pay $50, but who can reject to sign Erling Haaland for $400,000?

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The Little Catch

Unfortunately, there is a little catch to it – the player wages. You have to pay them yourself. It shouldn't be a problem for you though, because if you're managing a club Erling Haaland or Vinicius would sign for, you should have a few millions in your bank account at the start of a transfer period. If not, simply sell some players – you're then going to replace them anyway.

Will you use this trick, to improve your Career Mode team? We aren't quite sure yet, because it could make the Career Mode save boring, really quick...